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Have you been to Al Wasl Square yet ?  I’ve been a few times now and am always surprised at the host of different shops and eateries that are there.  Some of the places are part of the chains that you are familiar with eg Tim Hortons, and others are chains newly moved to Dubai who seem to have chosen a great location to start up their first Dubai venture.  Zurna is one of those places.  Originating from Istanbul, Zurna is famous for it’s charcoal cooked kebabs and authentic traditional appetizers, salads and desserts.

Situated on the Al Hadiqa Road, the shop features a large open kitchen where you can see kebabs being cooked on an open charcoal grill, with a large communal table, open buffet salad bar and a selection of seats reminiscent of an american diner, Zurna is small and compact but seems to be a busy eatery with a mixture of both regular and new diners.
Our host for the evening, choses dishes from the menu to show case authentic turkish dishes, best sellers and signature dishes.  Our table is soon filled to the brim with great tasting food which we sink into with gusto.

Starting off with a good selection of typical turkish food we are treated to a basket of fluffy white turkish bread which we use to mop up some great tasting dishes, Gavurdagi with a beautiful pomegranate dressing, Ezme which was beautifully spiced and is always a firm favourite of mine, I never know how they make simple tomatoes, onions, peppers and spices taste so finger licking good.   The Nazik was rich and garlicky and was soon scooped up into the soft turkish bread with glea.

The rice lovers on the table enjoyed Perde Pilavi a mixture of turkish rice, nuts and mushrooms which is cooked in a crispy filo pastry case served with crunchy pistachios on top.  It looked like a meal in itself.  Talking of hearty meals, the Lahmacun was delicious too delivering just the right balance of tasty minced lamb offset with a thin and crispy crust.

Moving onto mains, yes, we were treated to more delicious dishes, we sampled some of the top selling authentic Turkish dishes recommended by our host.  Isklender Kebab with a rich yogurt and tomato sauce, this is always one of my favourite dishes.  Tavuk Citir Kebab which was delicious and tasty, Adana Kebab which was rich spicy and lastly if my memory serves me correctly Fistijli kebab with the additional of pistachios was a first for me but certainly won’t be a last.

For dessert we are treated to a trio of puddings including a beautiful combination of Baklava with Apple which was paired perfectly with creamy vanilla ice cream, Irmik Helvasii and a rich and indulgent Kunefe as well as some fruity pomegranate tea and of course a strong, rich yet smooth turkish coffee.

Our table of bloggers left Zurna both happy, stuffed to the brim and carrying a takeaway box crammed full of a selection of our dinner to be eaten another time.  The restaurant was full with a variety of nationalities all tucking in with gusto to a selection of great turkish food in this little Al Wasl treasure.

Thanks to Zurna for the invite and for allowing us to sample some fantastic dishes.

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