CoffeeCakesAndRunning Victoria Tipper -Life & Nutrition Coach - Tried & Tested

Victoria Tipper -Life & Nutrition Coach – Tried & Tested

Victoria Tipper – Life & Nutrition Coach

Victoria met with us over the course of the twelve week program for both Life Coaching Sessions and to offer Nutritional support.

Tried & Tested

Life Coaching

In my corporate life I used to coach senior leaders for business performance, but never had I had personal life coaching with the focus on ME. For the first session, to be honest I was a bit uncomfortable sitting in the comfortable chair, and not taking notes – seems those were Victoria’s job and not mine!

Victoria has such a good nature that actually after a few minutes, it felt like I was chatting to a good friend and we made some really good progress discussing the sorts of things that I wanted to focus on and those that are out of balance.  After the first session I came home with a small action plan as well as a bit of a better understanding about me.

My first action plan:

  • Read The Power of Now
  • Concentrate a bit more on making time for friends and family and staying in touch
  • Try and cut the need to be so focussed on using technology all the time (I found myself going out for a coffee on my balcony with my laptop, phone, and kindle!)
  • To try some form of relaxation/mindfulness

Over the course of the program we met Victoria a few times, I discussed progress on my plan and areas that I had not been able to work on, seems the book – The Power of Now is just not for me, I’ve dipped in and out of it a few times and just don’t ‘get it’. I do however, enjoy yoga in particular SUP Yoga with SeaYou which has been a big breakthrough for me.  Reducing technology use is still work in progress since I rely on technology heavily for my job. I have however, made more time to focus on family and friends and intend to continue with this.

Would I have Life Coaching again? Absolutely especially with someone who I feel comfortable talking to and Victoria fits the bill perfectly for me.

Nutrition Coaching 

After we received our DNA Analysis and understood more about how our bodies are designed, Victoria took time to explain what this meant in practice which was extremely useful. It’s one thing to read a report and another thing to have it explained to you personally, not only does the information sink in more, but it also allows you the opportunity to work out a plan of action based on the report and with sound nutritional advice to back that.

During phase 3 of the program Victoria devised individual recipes and menu plans based on the DNA results, my feedback from progress during Phase 2 when we ate meals provided by Pura as well as based on my feedback of what I liked/wanted to focus on.  This was incredibly useful and I’ve tried out a few of the recipes.  The great thing is that Victoria is only a WhatsApp message away with queries etc.

We also got the chance to see some of Victoria’s recipes being cooked by Chef Girish from Media One Hotel who used produce from Ripe Market. A walk around Ripe Market the week before was enhanced by nutrition tips by Victoria she explained how to use various ingredients, nutrition tips etc.