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TrèsInd Modernist Fine Dining

Modernist Indian Fine Dining

  • Très (French) – adjective, very
  • Ind (Indian) – abbreviation for India, a country rich in heritage, cuisine and culture

Want to dine and be entertained at the same time but not in the usual sense?  Want to have in your thoughts about Indian food challenged? Your senses titivated as you are mesmerised with some clever molecular gastromony which happens at your table then TresInd could be just the place for you.

Recently opened, and located in the Radisson Royal Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road I had been invited to TresInd by fellow foodie Ishita of Ishita Unblogged and Editor of FoodeMagDxb but had also been contacted by the restaurant to do a review too, I should add that this article is not a review but more a photo account of some of the dishes we tasted (I hope that you will agree that the dishes are presented beautifully) during the day along with some background information.  A full review will come at a later stage.

Over coffee with Chef Himanshu Saini we learn that this twenty seven year old chef, yes twenty seven, is a passionate foodie who trained under Chef Manish Mehrotra famous for his modern indian cuisine also described as “indian food with an international accent”.  He’s also worked at the famous Masala Library in Mumbai and won several awards before coming to Dubai to head up the team at TresInd.

The debate about whether to share an image or video on social media channels will go on for a long time, with arguments for and against sharing images.  The debate mainly centres around whether sharing of images enhances or ruins a surprise and in some ways its lovely to experience something unexpected when dining, but it’s also great to be shown a teaser and half know what to expect.   This is a restaurant where knowing what to expect, for me, is half of the excitement and appeal that makes me want to go and see the magic for myself. Reading the menu doesn’t give all of the clues about what is in store for the diner. Images and videos help as well as reading the many reviews the restaurant already has on review websites and Facebook, and it seems that TresInd is creating a bit of a stir with some on-line sites with quite a following of dedicated fans.

Here’s a peak at some of the beautiful dishes we tried with my personal favourite being the live chaat trolley and the amazingly tasty mushroom soup which was packed full of flavour. The chaat trolly is prepared table side as chef conjures up a work of art whilst cooking dhokla in liquid nitrogen right in front of your eyes as well as artfully splashing tamarind chutney, green chutney and dahi across the platter like an artist at work – be quick if you want to capture this on film.

TresInd seems to get mixed reviews – people seem either to love it, plenty of 5 star reviews are around to back this up, or for some, they are left confused, disappointed a little, perhaps they didn’t get to engage with the staff to the level that we did, if so it’s a shame as I personally think they are some stunningly good dishes on the menu, thoughtful, creative, innovative, packed full of flavour and sometimes just downright fun, I tip this as a place to visit.  Perhaps TresInd isn’t for everyone, and that’s ok, because for those who love it, there’s lots to explore and enjoy and I’m sure there is plenty more fun and creativity to come from the kitchen in the coming months, I should also mention that the cocktail menu looks pretty innovative too and a trip to the lively bar for bar snacks and cocktails is worth a trip too and something I intend to do soon.

We tried ten dishes on the day we visited, a mixture of Chef’s favourite dishes that he wanted to show case (the chaat trolley is particularly fun and innovative) as well as a few that he wanted to try out for the first time with genuine feedback in terms of presentation, taste etc.  Whilst he’s young and has the funky haircut that is so popular at the moment, Chef is also passionate about his food and took our feedback on board and with genuine enthusiasm and concern about how dishes would be received and perceived.

I loved the dishes we tasted, Chef is not afraid to use spices authentically and says that he tries to keep spice levels authentic to the dish rather than to temper them down for the audience, I’m pleased with this as I love the use of spices in cooking and am sometimes disappointed when the spice level is reduced.

I left TresInd excited and couldn’t wait to share my experiences with others, many of whom have visited as a result and shared their experiences on-line and on social media.  For me, its on my list of places to return, with a hungry belly and with my camera at the ready.

TresInd is featured in the latest issue of FoodeMagDxb, which I am Travel and Features Editor for and work alongside founder and Editor, Ishita of IshitaUnblogged. You can read more about TresInd in the magazine here >> TresInd


Disclaimer : I was a guest at TresInd, however all views and opinions are my own as are the images above which were taken on the day of my visit.

  1. Being a passionate foodie, I follow yours and Ishita's blogs with great interest. Intrigued by the thought of molecular gastronomy with authentic Indian cuisine. Though personally I've usually thought of Indian/Pakistani food as being more along the lines of home comfort food rather than gastronomic revelations, I'm very excited to go try Tresind after reading your post and seeing the fascinating pics. Thank you for your lovely postings and for helping us to keep a finger on the pulse of Dubai's fantastic foodie scene. Xx
  2. Hi Saher, thanks for your comments. Please do try it out and let me know what you think. I know what you mean about Indian/Pakistani food as home comfort food, for me I have a love of it as street food too, that said I really loved TresInd and think that they pull off molecular gastromony and some interesting fusion, without losing the 'taste of india' really well, and hope that you love it too. x

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