Dubai Creek – Souqs, Spices & Sails

Dubai Creek "Pashmina, Watches, Spices, Perfume, Turkish Delight .... come look my friend, come look, I give you best prices". It's ten o'clock on a weekday morning and already the Spice Souq is bustling with tourists and the shopkeepers are busy trying to herd...

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A Borneo Morning Photo Challenge

Borneo Sleeping on the deck of a small riverboat we were spending three days in Borneo traversing the river and stopping off each morning to visit rescue Orangutang's who were being rehabilitated back into the wild. The first evening we were caught in a tropical...

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Kilimanjaro Portrait of a Porter

Kilimanjaro This is a portrait showing one of the many amazing porters and guides who helped me to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro.  The photo is taken from my tent, I'm still wrapped in my sleeping bag with virtually all my clothes on.  It's cold and daylight has...

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Jordan ~ Zarb at Wadi Rum

Sunset & Dinner at Wadi Rum Traditional Zarb Dinner The sun had just set and the evening chill was just starting to kick in as we sat beside a campfire whilst traditional Zarb cooked in pits below us. TRADITIONAL COFFEE Wadi Rum sunsets. SUNSET Wadi Rum is...

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Jordan | Movenpick Bitter Orange Marmalade

Almost 90% of the produce at Movenpick Dead Sea Resort & Spa is locally sourced which is an incredibly high figure, and you can taste it in the food that you eat, everything tastes fresh, is packed full of colour and full of flavour. Each year 2000 kilos of organic oranges are harvested by the team and made into Bitter Orange Marmalade which you can find as part of the breakfast buffet. We were lucky enough to take part in a cooking class to see how it was made. Read More

Jordan | Petra by Night

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]"It takes about 3-4 hours and ten people to light the 1500 candles" which pave the way from the Siq through to the Treasury our guide tells us as we walk leisurely on the same route the next morning.  This time Petra is bathed in...

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