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I’m not the fittest, I’m not the fastest and certainly not in my prime!

I’m an average person who loves my food, and is trying to get fitter and healthier whilst trying to look half decent in my exercise kit and a bucketful of sweat!

Oh and by the way, I’m Fifty! (but fifty is the new forty right?).

If you are like me, and want to try something new, then this section is for you.


I’m on a quest to get fitter and faster, healthier and happier and to have fun along the way.

It's not all about the number on the scales, or my BMI (but of course these do count).

It's not about being the perfect size ten, twelve or whatever ...

It's not about spending hours on a treadmill or In the gym and hating every minute

It's not about eating lettuce leaves and salad, never having a glass of wine or a slice of cake

It's not about being miserable and feeling that I'm missing out on everything

Instead it’s about experiencing new things and finding out what I love to do. It’s about finding a level of balance that I’m happy with. I’m a firm believer that there’s something out there for everyone and if you try enough things you will find something you love and that works for you.


Through this part of my blog I’m sharing my experiences with you and hoping to inspire you to try some new things and get active in whatever way that might be. Everything counts – mind, body and spirit. From resting and relaxing, refuelling and nutrition, through to physical challenges and adventures too.

I’m going to be the ‘crash test dummy’ and will be experiencing everything that I write about.

You won’t find posts of me looking gorgeous and glam in my workwear with an iconic Dubai building in the background. Instead I’ll be hot, sweaty, wearing no makeup, with my hair tied back, and red faced. I’m likely to be wearing old trainers, mismatched socks and sports wear with more than a hint of  spare tyre poking out here and there. But isn’t that what a lot of us are like?

When I workout I push myself hard, but I’m not perfect, and don’t always make it to the gym, class etc as often as I should. Hands up if this is you too?

Follow me on Instagram and you’ll see that I like the odd brunch, love Mille Feuille, cakes and more recently doughnuts! I’m passionate about my Specialty Coffee. You’ll also see Instastories recorded as I’m training (sweaty and red faced), stories as I’m eating out and about ~ #drool and at home with my adopted rescue dog Lexi.

Want to know more? Read my story which sets the scene about me and click on the links to read some of my TriedNTested experiences.




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