CoffeeCakesAndRunning There's Pizza in my Fridge !

There’s Pizza in my Fridge !

Why is this such an unusual statement you may ask ?

Well – back in my fat days this wouldn’t have happened – you see I could eat a whole pizza to myself (with a side of coleslaw) easily and there would NEVER be leftovers. And if I’m honest – the pizza I used to order then would always be the extra cheese type and I could easily eat an EXTRA Large thick crust pizza all to myself. My stomach is literally groaning as I think of this – Looking back on it, it wasn’t pleasant and no wonder I got FAT !

Last night I had 2 slices (1/4) of a NKD Pizza which left me really satisfied and full. The remaining 6 will be bagged up and frozen and eaten at another stage.

So there you go, a 50/AED pizza now makes 4 meals for me !

By the way – NKD Pizza make great, healthy pizzas and always deliver on time – Check out their website for more information.

My personal favourite is the ragin’ cajun with extra chicken and jalapinos – for extra protein and spice !