CoffeeCakesAndRunning The Cheesecake Factory Now Open in Dubai

The Cheesecake Factory Now Open in Dubai

I was recently invited to attend the opening of the Cheesecake Factory in Dubai Mall.  I must admit I don’t know a lot about the Cheesecake Factory having not visited the States in quite some while but there was certainly an air of excitement about the opening particularly with my American friends.

Until I attended the opening, I hadn’t appreciated that Dubai is now host to the first Cheesecake Factory outside of the US.

The restaurant is situated opposite the aquarium in Dubai Mall and I’m reliably informed that it feels like an authentic Cheesecake Factory.  There is seating for 300 people so it’s quite large, but has a mix of larger group tables and booths so is able to cater for larger groups as well as feeling intimate for smaller groups or family’s.

After the opening ceremony we were treated to a selection of cheesecakes including :
1. Fresh strawberry
2. Chocolate Bar Cheesecake made with Hersheys
3. Oreo dream extreme
4. Lemon raspberry cream
5. Lemoncello cream torte

The portions are big and personally I would suggest that they are sharing size – although if you have a big appetite then they will suit you perfectly.

The cheesecakes are imported from the States so are authentic in every way which is good.  Whilst I enjoyed all of the samples available I’m a bit of a traditionalist with regards to cheesecake and my personal favourite was the Strawberry Cheesecake which is somewhat plain in comparison to a lot of the others, but tasted delicious and was rich, indulgent and creamy.  I wasn’t able to see the menu on the evening as it was being finalised and kept under wraps, although I’ve subsequently been told there are over 40 different varieties of cheesecake on offer including red velvet, Key Lime and white chocolate, which I feel a yearning to go back and try someday.

We were also treated to a wide selection of starters and mains throughout the evening (listed below).  Everything I sampled was presented really well and tasted fresh and tasty.

My personal favourites were the Bang Bang Chicken which was pleasantly zingy on the tongue, Crispy Crab Bites which were ever so moreish and the Chinese Chicken Salad which was oh so fresh and moreish.

1. Avocado eggrolls
2. Tex mex eggrolls
3. Crispy crab wontons
4. Crispy Crab bites
5. Pizza selection
6. Ahi tartare
7. Chinese chicken salad
8. Sheila’s Cashew chicken salad
9. Chicken Madeira (most popular entree at The Cheesecake Factory)
10. Bang bang chicken
11. Herb crusted filet of salmon
12. Salisbury chopped steak
13. BBQ Pulled Beef Sliders

With a menu listing approximately 250 items to order from, I’m sure there’s something suitable for every palate and I will be sure to visit again to sample from the menu.

For more information :

The Cheesecake Factory can be found opposite the Aquarium at Dubai Mall.  As it’s only recently opened, reports are that there are large queues as people are keen to sample the food and maybe reminisce about times in the US.