CoffeeCakesAndRunning Thailand | TBEX Asia 2015

Thailand | TBEX Asia 2015

I recently attended TBEXAsia2015 which was hosted in Bangkok. For those not in the know, TBEX is the world’s largest gathering of travel bloggers, writers, media content creators and social medial travel industry professionals, all under one roof for a couple of days.  Offering everyone the chance to meet up, share knowledge and experiences, network and learn this was a fantastic few days away from Dubai and one where I made new friends, met new contacts and also had time to explore Bangkok and other parts of Thailand with the Tourist Authority of Thailand who were my generous hosts.

The days are packed with opportunities to hear great speakers, network with like minded individuals, learn new skills, share contacts and business knowledge and of course share travel stories and inspiration.  I always come away from events like this feeling invigorated and renewed and determined to spend more time writing about things that I enjoy writing about and sharing my stories.

What I LOVED about TBEX :

  • I met some fantastic people from across the World who shared their experiences in a friendly and collaborative way
  • I have a long list of new places to see and activities to do
  • I have a new network of like minded bloggers to network with and loved how open they were with me about their blog, issues, challenges etc
  • I got inspired by some savvy bloggers and content creators
  • I have a list of further research to undertake to move my blog forward
  • I got to spend time touring Thailand with like minded individuals and sharing experiences with them
  • I loved hearing how individuals turned their passion into a profession and got huge envy from those who earn enough to travel the world as a result of this … – actually they inspired me that anything and everything is possible too 🙂

What I would have liked more of :

  • Repeats of some of the agenda as it was difficult to make choices sometimes between seminars running at the same time
  • More engagement from other Tourist and Travel Authorities
  • Notes or takeaways from some of the presentations as there was such a lot to take in
  • Longer workshops for some specialist topics
  • A better description of each seminar to help make the right selection
  • A bit more information about what was going on and when, sometimes I missed things because it wasn’t clear what was going on

What I would have done differently :

  • Arrived in Thailand 2 days before TBEX to allow time to get acclimatised and time adjusted
  • Stayed longer after the event to really explore Thailand – I stayed 3 additional days, but should have stayed a lot longer
  • Spent more time researching speakers etc prior to the show
  • Arranged a few speed/networking meets to help with my blog aspirations
  • Taken photos of each presentation as a visual reminder of what was covered

TBEX DO’s and DONT’s

  • Do take a pen/paper and take notes
  • Do take lots of business cards and hand them out
  • Do chat to people and network
  • Do attend as many seminars as you can
  • Do escape to the coffeeshops in the exhibition centre for some good coffee – exhibition coffee is rarely good
  • Do go hungry for lunch, as there is plenty to sample
  • Don’t be afraid to Do all of the above

If you want to know more about TBEX then click away HERE.  I’m hoping to be at TBEXAsia2016 which is being hosted in Manila but may try and get to the Europe one too which is being hosted in Stockholm.

Happy Travelling

CoffeeCakesAndRunning Thailand | TBEX Asia 2015

CoffeeCakesAndRunning Thailand | TBEX Asia 2015