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Thailand | Hong Island

It’s 3.30 pm and I’m relaxing by the side of the pool overlooking the Andaman sea and some lush tropical gardens. I’ve got an Ice cold beer in my hand which is quenching my thirst, the waiter has happily agreed to bring me a further cold one in thirty minutes time and I can hear nothing but the sound of the waves lapping the shore and birds chirping in the background whilst I relax in the temperature controlled infinity pool and jacuzzi.  Bliss. My only agenda for the rest of the day is to relax and have dinner.  I pause a moment, take a sip of the cold beer and plan to add an unplanned event into the days’ agenda, to enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail and maybe a post dinner one too, after all this is a great p

lace to put the bar staff to the test and to sample some amazing cocktails too 🙂

AMAZING, Beautiful, Relaxing, Tranquil, Peaceful, Busy, Vibrant, Bustling, Inspirational, Flavoursome, Spicy, Fun, Fantastic, Awesome, Tasty, Green, Tropical, Lush, James Bond, 007 – just some of the words that spring to mind when I think back to my recent trip to Thailand in particular to Krabi and Bangkok.

But lets pause for a moment, let me virtually leave the peace  and comfort of my sun lounger and go back to the beginning of the journey.  I had been invited by the Thailand Tourism Authority to go on a 5 day trip entitled “Breezy, Being a Fisherman’s Friend” to visit the beautiful island of Krabi followed by a short stop over in Bangkok before heading back to Dubai.   I’ve visited Thailand before, with my first trip being back in my backpacking days when I enjoyed the delights of travelling by Song Tau, Tuk Tuk, local buses and trains as an international group of backpacking travellers we meandered our way from Bangkok to Surat Thani and back again some three weeks later via Ko Phangan and An Tong National Park,  this was when my love affair with Thailand started.   As the years passed and my tastes grew more expensive and my travels became more extensive yet I continually returned to different parts of Thailand mainly to the islands of Koh Samui, Phuket and also to the coastal resort of Hua Hin.  Each time I  remained in love with the country, the scenery, the food, the people – it’s such a great place to visit and explore.  A place full of contrasts from adventure to relaxation, a place to shop, to experience a whole host of culinary treats, a place to chill on the beach, to party on the beach, to go fishing, to explore, to get in touch with your inner self,  a place full of action packed travel adventure, cultural adventure and exploration or just a place to recharge and people watch, pick your theme, or multiple themes for Thailand has something for everyone.

So back to the start of the journey, and the first few days of the trip.  According to the itinerary, today, which is officially day one of the tour, although Team Dubai started last night.  Our journey started in Dubai airport where a fellow foodie Ishita who writes at IshitaUnblogged and I met the rest of our Middle East travel companions who were six top Emirati university students.  When we reached Krabi we were going to meet up with other members of the Breezy Group who comprised of a team from London and Frankfurt.

The TAT had provided us with an itinerary which was packed full of activities and experiences to showcase some of the delights of this small part of Thailand.

After an overnight flight to Bangkok (courtesy of Thai Airways) which arrived early morning Bangkok time, we quickly moved to transit for a short internal flight to Krabi International Airport where we were then transported to Ruen Mai Restaurant in Amphoe Mueang, Krabi for a brief by TAT staff and our local guide.  Following a really tasty thai lunch and some refreshing juices and sweet fresh coconut water in this newly opened restaurant,  we were transported from Chaofa Pier to Thara Pier on the island of Koh Klang which is a short ten minutes transfer by long tail boat from Krabi mainland.  After disembarking from our long tail boat, which is one of my favourite methods of transport in Thailand, we took a 7k Skylab (tuk tuk) exhilarating yet fun trip across the the island.  Here we were quickly ensconced in our rooms at the beautiful  Islanda Eco Village Resort where the rest of the days agenda including nothing more strenuous then relaxing in the hotels pool and grounds and partaking in dinner.

And so, here you find me, relaxed on my sun lounger in the beautiful and relaxing Island Eco Resort on Koh Klang on Klang Island feeling as if I’d left Dubai a long time ago, quickly acclimatised to Thai time, soaking up the radiance of the warm sunny climate and basking in the full knowledge that today’s agenda is one of relaxation and nothing more social than sharing good food with fellow travelers, a few friendly and not so friendly games of cards (if you are reading you know you you are LOL)  with the rest of Team Dubai with the biggest challenge of the day being which cocktail to select from the cocktail menu.

Much later, after indulging in the above activities,  Day one ended with the best nights sleep I have had for a very long time.  Maybe it was the peace and quiet of the resort, the chirping of the cicadas, the waves lapping against the beach, maybe the after dinner cocktails which were superb, or the hearty buffet dinner, or maybe the really comfortable bed which was calling my name and hugged me tight, or maybe a combination of all of the above, but in the morning it felt like I had been away from Dubai for a long time and that I was already fully relaxed and ready to explore and enjoy the rest of the Thailand Itinerary ahead of us.

More in my next post where we get to explore local village life in Koh Klang and where Ishita and I take a thai cooking class where the words ‘from river to wok in less than five minutes’ have true meaning.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Disclaimer : This is part 1 in a series of posts about my recent trip to Krabi and Bangkok as a guest of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Middle East and Aviareps Group.  All opinions are my own based on my experiences of the trip in April 2013.