CoffeeCakesAndRunning Taqado Mexican Kitchen

Taqado Mexican Kitchen

CoffeeCakesAndRunning Taqado Mexican Kitchen A few weeks ago I received an open invite to visit Taqado in Mall of the Emirates.  Taqado is a Mexican eatery located in the food court (near Carrefour).   I was keen to visit as I had read a good review from GeordieArmani and I couldn’t wait to go check out the food.


The ordering concept is simply made up of four choices :-

  1. Choose you Meal
  2. Choose your Filling
  3. Choose your Toppings
  4. Choose your Side Orders

As I’m trying to reduce the number of carbs I eat (you can spot the flaw in this thinking later in my post!), I decided to go for a Burrito Box.  If you are into carbs then choices include Burritos, Tacos, and Fajitas.  Also on the menu are Mexicali Salad and Soupa De Tortilla.

As a filling I was able to sample a mix of chicken and pulled beef (barbacoa) other fillings include Steak which is cooked on the grill behind the counter or Guacamole made fresh everyday.

For toppings I choose Black Beans and Sour Cream – other choices available include two types of rice, salsa, pinto beans and monterey jack cheese.

For side dishes I had Guacamole and hot Salsa along with a portion of Tortilla chips.

As I was on a tasting trip I also tried chili con carne and Churros for dessert (yup there were a few carbs in this !).

I loved the burrito box which was consisted of juicy chicken and pulled beef and with a generous portion of beans and sour cream it certainly hit the spot.  The Chili Con Carne was delicately spiced with the chili pleasantly warming.  The guacamole and salsa were very fresh and tasty and went well with the Tortilla chips.

And as for dessert – stunning – I loved the Churros served warm and with a dusting of sugar, they were much lighter than I had imagined they would be and as for the Mexican chocolate sauce – it was great – and I have to admit that my finger might have strayed into the container to get every single drop of it out – had I been at home it would have been my tongue 🙂

CoffeeCakesAndRunning Taqado Mexican Kitchen Everything I tried was beautifully fresh and tasty and relatively health as well as being great value too.  Service was great – the staff were knowledgeable about the ingredients and helpful advising people with what to order.   Taqado has only been opened a few weeks, but it was great to see a queue of people ordering from the counter, which is always a good sign.

I will definitely visit again, not only because I loved the food, but also to sample some of the mexican drinks which were sadly sold out (though more are coming soon) but also to taste some Mexican coffee which I’m told will be on sale very soon and as you know I’m a sucker for my coffee 🙂

You can find out more about Taqado on Twitter or on Facebook or on their website.

You can read GeordieArmani’s review of Taqado here.