CoffeeCakesAndRunning Switch 360 | Week 1

Switch 360 | Week 1

Switch 360 | Week 1

Beyond excited to start the program and so after my initial timetable arrived I decided to set up a Bullet Journal to record my progress, the activities we do and to keep track of things in a non digital way. Bullet Journals are a really flexible way of keeping a diary and a journal as well as recording and monitoring tasks etc, the great thing is that it is all written in a book rather than done on-line and electronically. You can let your creative juices flow as you completely personalize the journal to record what you want in the way that you find helpful and inspiring.

Day 1

It’s a soft introduction this evening, we’re at the Switch DXB HQ in JLT and we finally get to meet as a team and to start figuring out what the program means in terms of program, commitments and deliverables. It’s stressed that this is not a competition and the aim is for us all to learn to live better.

Essentially our deliverables are fairly easy:

  • 1 x Video Blog every week which will be shared on the Switch DXB YouTube Channel & Blog
  • Share as much of our journey as we can on social media to spread the word
  • Take part in as many scheduled activities as we can, but they appreciate we all have work commitments too
  • Wear our red Switch 360 T Shirt at events and training

We start by being introduced to a new app called Noviplus a lifestyle app which allows you to make savings from healthy cafes & sports retailers to fitness studios & detox programs. It’s Geo based so really useful when you are out and about and looking for some healthy inspiration. I also discovered some ‘hidden gems’ of spas and fitness sessions in my neighborhood that I would not necessarily have found without the app.

We are given some goodies to takeaway including Focus Drink containing BCAA and Caffeine and Protein Powder and Protein Bars from Limitless Supplements – more about these in separate posts.  After a chat, exchange of numbers etc we are done for the evening and I went home absolutely buzzing with excitement.

Day 2

Another night at Switch DXB HQ as we are introduced to the concept of Relaxation Hypnotherapy with Zoe Turner.  She takes all of us through a group relaxation session and records the session for us so that we can use this later. I have to admit to being a little skeptical, I have tried hypnosis once before and didn’t have a great experience, however Zoe manages to get me completely relaxed and whilst I remember what she said, I still felt like I’d had a period of deep relaxation at the end.

Day 3

Early start today as we are off to Up And Running with Dr Ramzy Ross of First Performance Consultancy. Our task for today is to undergo some Cardio Metabolic Testing. Essentially this involves us doing exercise whilst strapped into a gas mask like face mask which is hooked up to a computer. As we exercise the intensity is increased until we reach our maximum limits, this didn’t take long for me as two years of not exercising have not been kind to my body! Dr Ramzy explains my results, very poor! The good thing is that he explains that it’s possible to move into the Good section of fitness within the duration of the project so I leave inspired (and exhausted). Phill takes photos and little do I know that the pic of me wearing the full mask will be used in the very first newsletter Switch Dxb send out, oh well at least my red face matched the red T shirt and I was trying to smile with my eyes, thanks Tyra Banks for that tip!

Day 4

We’re off to meet Victoria Tipper for a Life Coaching session which is a new concept for me. In my corporate life I used to coach senior leaders for business performance, but never had I had personal life coaching with the focus on ME. To be honest I was a bit uncomfortable sitting in the comfortable chair, and also not taking notes – seems those were Victoria’s job and not mine tonight! Victoria has such a good nature that actually after a few minutes, it felt like I was chatting to a good friend and we made some really good progress discussing the sorts of things that I think I would like to focus on and those that are out of balance.  Came home with a book I need to read The Power of Now, a small action plan of some daily points that I need to try and work on and a bit of a better understanding about me.

Day 5

We’re off to The Burj Club in Burj Khalifa for some Functional Movement Analysis.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect not really knowing much about Functional Movement Analysis. First the warm up (knackering, remember I haven’t exercised for two years) then a session of  exercises comprised of a number of different movements, lunges, squats etc which allowed the trainer and Phill to understand how our actual bodies perform, e.g. can we squat, lunge etc.  The trainers also help with some coaching on ensuring we are in the right position to do each exercise. Having an awareness of our body and how it functions allows us and our trainers to develop plans that push us but don’t cause injuries. This is the first of three planned visits to the Burj Club (you can go there on a Day Guest by the way) we have a further exercise session as well as a spa and massage booked.  It’s important for us to #SwitchOff as well as to #SwitchOn.

Day 6

Technically this is a rest day, but I’m fueled up for progress and train in the gym in my building. To be honest it’s not the best of gyms, but there’s plenty of cardio machines to fully warm me up and do 30 minutes of cardio and enough space and a few bits of kit that allow me to do a bit of a workout afterwards. I base this on the exercises we did at The Burj Club so feel pretty good when I’m done as I feel like I’m slowly breaking myself back into an exercise routine.

Day 7

This is scheduled as a fun day out at Aventura Park but unfortunately I have to miss this as I have a work event which I’m running so there’s not option but to skip.  On a plus point, whilst I didn’t get to join in with the team activity I did manage to do 10,000 steps over the course of the day. #Result

Summary :

What can I say! What a fab week! We’ve done some simply amazing things this week – some of which I only thought were available to elite athletes, rather than normal people like you and me!

On a personal front, whilst we have not been under any pressure to change our diet etc, I went cold turkey on sugar and whilst I felt pretty terrible for the first few days, a few people have remarked on how my skin seems to be glowing which can only be a good thing.

A quick shout out too to Slic Performance Chocolate, these guys have developed a fantastic range of dark chocolate stuffed full of ground coffee (yay, I’m such a coffee lover) as well as Creatine etc – the bars tasted great and felt like a treat rather than a function food. The perfect pre workout boost for sure!

And Finally ….

I feel like I’ve known my fellow Switchers and the SwitchDXB team for a long time, and it’s hard to think that it’s only been a week! Cant’ thank everyone enough for their support and time given to help us with this programme, everyone I’ve told about it are in awe at the fantastic opportunity we have been given and are fascinated to hear more about what we are doing. I’m sure it’s not going to be a bed of roses going forward, but I’m excited to see what comes next. I honestly feel like I’ve found something which is helping me to find balance in what I do and who I am and most importantly to Live Better.

PS – I’ve just launched my own YouTube channel specifically for Switch360 do hop over and learn a bit more about my thoughts on the programme at the end of each day.


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