CoffeeCakesAndRunning Switch360 time to #LiveBetter

Switch360 time to #LiveBetter

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SwitchDxb – time to refocus

24th Jan – Facebook Post

When you write a really long ‘from the heart’ post and it just disappears into the ether! – yup THAT just happened!

Anyways, when the Switch DXB #LiveBetter project popped up on my Timeline, I felt like it had popped up for a reason – they cynic in me would say it’s because good old Facebook seems to know what I’m looking at all the time and is manipulating my feed) the ‘glass is half full person in me’ says “you needed to get your arse into gear and make some changes so that’s why it cropped up 🙂

If you’ve followed by various journeys and love/hate relationships with my weight, exercise etc, you ‘ll know that I’ve been a bit of a person of extremes which is never realistic or sustainable in the long term. As I get older (yikes I hit 50 in October, but am still in denial) I feel like ‘Balance’ is more what I should be shooting for.

Fingers crossed I get to the next stage, if nothing else, this has spurred me into thinking a bit about what changes I should be making to get more balance into my life.

Anyone else signing up? Deadline for applications is 31st Jan. x

#SwitchDxb #LiveBetter

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7th Feb 2017

So a few weeks ago I applied for a place on Switch DXB a programme which popped up on my Facebook Timeline. I kind of felt that the programme popped up at the right time for me, I’m a strong believer in ‘fate’ or if not fate something similar which is all about ‘things happening for a reason’ or ‘someone somewhere having a master plan for us all’. Anyways, it doesn’t really matter so much about the why it popped up, the fact is that the post showed at a time when I was ready to make a change and I applied for the programme. To be honest, I dashed out a very quick response on my phone (so am sure there’s a tonne of typos in my response – sorry team). My entry was one of those off the cuff /from the heart – response, which sometimes lead to being my best responses (and sometimes not LOLS).

Since applying I have to admit to being excited at the prospect of being involved in such a fantastic programme which would push me to make some well-needed changes to my lifestyle but in a very organised, planned, methodical and supportive way. To be honest this looks like one of the most well thought out programmes that I’ve seen in a long time (and I’m not saying that to suck up!)

Since the deadline I’ve been hovering over my emails all weekend and right up until this morning. Each day that passed I managed to convince myself that perhaps I hadn’t made the cut and that my time was not now, but later, or perhaps it was time to make my own new future route, or perhaps it just wasn’t my time yet… you know the drill, the ‘am I good enough?’, ‘is it my time?’ ‘am I one of the lucky ones?’ ‘Will it be me?’ – the questions which are just as easy to answer ‘yes’ to as they are to answer ‘no’. And for every yes and every no, there’s a tonne of explanations that go with it. From great positive self-talk through to the negative thoughts that always linger in the back of my mind (and that’s where they need to stay!). Just being honest I’m sure we all go through these thought processes.

Anyway, just a few hours ago I finally got the email I was waiting for – I’m through to the next stage! #Phew. I’m excited to see what the future holds for me with Switch Dxb -with a bit of luck, charm, commitment, hard work, charisma, determination and above all personal authenticity, I hope to make it through to the next stage.

So on Friday, whilst you are getting ready for brunch or lunch, I’ll be taking part in the next stage of the selection process. Wish me luck, this is a journey I want to do and of course to share with you here and over on my blog too.

#SwitchDXB #LiveBetter

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10th Feb 2017

Today was selection day, and I was excited to attend as well as a bit nervous If I’m honest (and I will be here). Since seeing the programme details, I knew this programme was for me, but what if I wasn’t for them? Anyways, off to the Selection day I went.

Here’s what happened:

Firstly we met everyone involved from the SwitchDXB team through tot he other candidates, all lovely, all excited, all keen and eager to see what the programme was all about and all raring to go. The bit that I hadn’t appreciated is that the Switch360 programme I had applied for is a complete one-off and will not be available to buy as a programme. How unique is that.

First up, a ‘test’ – well not really, it was a healthy breakfast – I had already eaten an early breakfast so just took some fruit, but others were wondering if their selection of food was part of the assessment etc – and people were jokingly looking for hidden cameras (good job guys we didn’t spot them …) Seriously, no cameras, no watching, just some good food from 1762 Stripped which has just opened in One JLT the same place as Switch DXB office #RESULT

Secondly, we learned more about the programme, tonnes of exciting activities of the #SwitchOn (Sweat & Burn) type as well as #SwitchOff (Relax & Learn) – far too many to list here, they will be revealed over the course of the programme.  What’s fantastic is that this programme brings together over thirty different partners, some known to me and some not, it’s a fantastic way to find out about new companies and individuals all sharing a coming goal to help people #LiveBetter.

Our Third activity was to do a bit of work in front of the camera, sorry, my Bristolian accent will be evident – I can’t remember what I said to be honest, but the first session in the room with everyone was my introduction and I was a bit emotional as I talked about my reasons for wanting to change, my second video was about what I hoped to get from the programme.

Finally, we were given a goodie bag full of protein shakes and bars, focus drinks etc.

Left feeling totally inspired – decision day is a few days ago so until then, fingers, toes and legs crossed xoxo


#SwitchDXB #LiveBetter

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14th Feb 2017

Best Valentine’s Day Ever! – Well maybe not ever, but really great news!

“Morning! Great news! I’ve been selected as one of the four people to be involved in this fantastic opportunity. Can’t wait to start the programme with the rest of the gang. #yallaLetsGo

#SwitchDXB #LiveBetter

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