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Switch 360 – Everything you wanted to know

Switch 360

Wow! It’s been almost a month since I’ve written about Switch 360 and there’s so much to tell!.

Truth is I’ve been busy, busy with work, that’s a given, but also busy working on various Switch 360 related activities. There’s a tonne that’s gone on and there’s a tonne to tell, so I’ll break this down into lots of different posts over time to shed more light on things.

Firstly I should start off with a little more about what Switch360 is so that you can understand this fantastic company/movement that I am sure is going to be a huge success and get bigger and bigger over time. The team certainly have big ambitions and are getting a lot of attention from big companies, small niche organizations, suppliers and the public too. #Amazing and to think I accidentally stumbled up on them on a Facebook post one night!

Before I go much further this quick off the top of my head Q and A’s from my friends might help to ground this post.

What is Switch360?

Switch 360 is a twelve programme operated by Switch DXB.  Switch DXB is a health, fitness & wellness platform designed to educate, inform and encourage people to make a healthy change to their lifestyle.

One of the key focuses of Switch DXB is that they want to “bring opportunities for people to Switch On and Switch Off – making daily improvements to their overall fitness and wellbeing”.

The goal of Switch DXB is “.. to educate, inspire and encourage people to be active, to have an improved awareness of their health & fitness, whilst constantly aiming to achieve a better life.

Switch 360 is an “educational and transformation challenge” where four of us are getting a very real experience of working on the Switch DXB goals in a very practical way with the support of experts and Switch360 partners with the aim of Living Better.

How did you get on it??

Entry was via a competition where we had to provide information on why we were a suitable candidate as well as to undertake some activities on a selection day.

Can I do what you are doing? Can I join?

You can’t join the programme per say, as it will never be run again or operated as a standalone programme, though to be honest I would love for you to be able to experience what we are experiencing. But you will be able to work with some of the partners in the programme in a range of different ways and also to share the experiences of the four people taking part in Switch 360 as we all share our very real experiences of the entire programme both on social media, our personal blogs and YouTube Channels as well as the official Switch DXB channels.

Who is paying for all of this?

Just about everything we are doing, is covered as part of the programme and the partners involved in supporting the programme. This covers items such as at home training equipment, external classes, massages, nutrition, DNA and body composition analysis, coaching etc. It’s a really comprehensive programme and the value of everything we have been supported with is huge.

Who is supporting you?

As above. Also I’m really lucky to have a great support system at home with family and friends and a semi flexible job which helps enormously. The Switch Dxb team and the partners in evolved in the progamme are also supporting and encouraging us every step of the way. Obviously we have to have some inner support too as without that it’s difficult to commit to this intense programme.

Who are the Partners?

Too many to list here, but at the last count there are twenty four partners all of whom are involved in different ways. The Switch DXB website has more information and I will give information and link to them in the posts that I write.

How long is the program?

The programme is for twelve weeks broken into three separate sections. Phase 1 was about learning more about ourselves and was over two weeks. Phases 2 and 3 are five weeks long and each stage builds on the previous ones.

Is it full on hard core training?

Absolutely not, although if you are me and haven’t moved about too much in the last two years even walking to the gym, let alone training, is extremely strenuous! One of the important goals that the Switch DXB team are working on is the concept of Switching On and Switching Off which is really important with the lifestyles most of us lead. We have a variety of Switch On (active and/or learning sessions) as well as Switch Off (recovery, relaxation, yoga etc).

Is it fun?

Yes without a doubt there’s a lot of fun moments. We have some fun activities built into the programme as part of the #SwitchOff plan, for instance we did team dinner and karaoke, and also because we are a crazy bunch and we like to have a laugh too. That said we also work hard too (believe me when I say there’s no fun when your muscles are full of lactic acids and really hurting, but the reward comes later when you get the ‘feel good endorphins’ at the end). The great thing about this is that there is a balance.

What sort of commitment is this?

We have a busy programme, which typically involves five activities during the week and one on the weekend. This has ranged from super early morning exercise class through to late evening bootcamps.

What happens afterwards do you just stop?

The programme ends after twelve weeks but the team don’t just walk away from us. They are committed to following and monitoring our progress and even to asking for our support in acting as Ambassadors/Speakers etc to help continue spread the word about what we did on the programme to help us Live Better.

What’s so different about Switch 360 versus anything else you’ve done before?

I have realized, through a session of Life Coaching on the programme (thats another blog post), that previous efforts to lose weight and get fit – which I have done with great success more than once, have always stopped at the time I reached my goal. I never put in place any future goals after that, or adjusted my goals as I went along. So once I had reached the goal and ‘put a tick in the box’ I would lose focus and get distracted on something else often deviating from all of the good routines and habits I had put in place to reach the goal. With hindsight, this was a huge mistake on my part and I’m slowly learning to spend more time thinking about me and my goals, my purpose and what I want to do to continue to live better and grow as an individual. It’s not necessarily about climbing he highest mountain in the world, or breaking a Guiness Record or something like that, but just about continuing to focus on me as an individual. If you know me this might sound a bit alien, you might expect me to be a deep thinker and planner given my previous job (HR Director) but actually for a long time I have spent time thinking about and helping others rather than to look inwardly at me. Don’t worry I’m not going to get all spiritual and lose me in the journey, but it does make perfect sense to split my time so that I come into focus too from time to time.

The second part of my answer to the question is that this approach feels much more rounded than anything else I’ve ever done.  We spent the first two weeks of the program learning about ourselves, from our body composition and V02 max for training through to our DNA analysis with information on our genes etc. All fascinating and really useful. Add to this the fact that we are actively being encouraged to Switch Off as well as Switch On, it feels like it’s a program with a whole lot more depth than just shooting for a goal in the future. This might not make too much sense yet, but it will as I write further posts.

You’ve succeeded and failed before, why is this different for you?

Ouch! Ok that’s a tough one, and the person who asked me that, is a good friend, not someone having a dig at me. The word failed sounds harsh, and truth be told, it is a bit, but sometimes it’s acceptable to be challenged in this way, particularly when the challenge is to make you think and to focus on moving forward, it certainly wasn’t intended to focus on the word failed – actually I don’t think I failed, I just lost focus and lost my way, but I lost focus for a few different reasons, some of which I addressed and were extremely tough on me emotionally and I went back to a place of comfort I place I knew well food and comfort eating, resting and hiding myself away. Maybe I allowed myself to go back to that place consciously as a way of coping with everything or maybe I just slipped back in without thinking. To be honest I don’t want to dwell on the past too much, I certainly can’t go back and change the past (imagine if I could what fun I would have lols) but what I can do is briefly revisit the moment and learn from that and move forward.

So the reason I think this is going to work for me, is that it really is an integrated approach looking at me as a whole individual person – literally from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. I have real information about how my body performs and is biologically programmed to help the team and me to put together something which is very personalized to me and which will continue to develop after the program ends as I am learning new, valuable skills along the way.

All of the above sounds great, where can I find out more and/or follow the progress of the program?

Check out the Switch DXB Website

Or the Switch 360 Blog where you can follow our progress in weekly Blogs and Video Blogs. You can also find out about the fabulous partners who are supporting the programme.


Want to follow my journey on YouTube? I’ve just set up my first ever VLOG Channel where I’m sharing the ups and downs of what we are doing and my own personal Switch360 journey. Lexi Lou, my rescue puppy makes the odd appearance too! (Bear with me as I will get better video skills as the program moves forward)

I’m also sharing my stories on Instagram, Snapchat (CoffeeCakesRun)and Facebook, so do hop over and share some love there too.

#LiveBetter xxx Debbie