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19th Feb 2017

Sports Bra Shopping

A quick look through my cupboards means that I need to buy a few things to support my training for Switch360.  I have lots of exercise wear from exercising before so don’t need much but my A1 priority has to be a good supportive sports bra. Unfortunately, since the last time I exercised, ‘the girls’ have got a bit bigger, so it’s even more important to get a good fitting bra. My ‘to go’ place used to always be Marks & Spencer for great priced sports bras, but instead, I find myself heading to Town Centre Mall on Jumeirah Beach Road to visit TKD Lingerie.

TKD Lingerie had popped up on my Facebook timeline just the day before, the reason – the ladies were saying that as a result of BREXIT they had been able to reduce the prices of their stock because of the good currency exchange rate.  I love this! how many shops do you know who have done this???

The Fitting

First Up a mortifying visit to the changing room to be assessed in my current bra – it’s not pretty, I won’t lie – like most of us I’m not in the right size and whilst the lady is lovely and doesn’t bat an eyelid on my size or shape (nor my shabby bra), standing in front of a huge mirror is not the sort of thing I do often and won’t be doing again for a while – think “flab is fab” instead or “abs of steel” here and don’t go for the visual reference unless you don’t want to sleep –  LOLS

My embarrassment aside the fitting was totally worthwhile. I had imagined I could just pop in grab a bra and go, but nope I actually had to be assessed for the right size bra to start with.  I should have been prepared for this, as I’ve been measured before – the first time ever was in Rigby & Peller in London where I spent a staggering amount on some gorgeous undies only to leave them in the taxi never to been seen again!

First off I’m fitted with a normal regular day bra – guessing wildly I tell the lady I’m a 44″ bust, she looks at me and tells me I’ve exagerated a bit, so gets a 40 which seems to fit, the then gets an E cup …… eeeeeeeeeee!!!! (At one stage I barely filled a B) which is too big on the cup size but does boost the girls up and put them back to the level they should be (gravity defies us all). Once we’ve assessed the size in a normal bra we then move onto a Sports bra which again results in a few more size adjustments until we eventually decide on a 38DD. Seems that I’m right in the middle of sizes – not quite a 38 but not a 40. The 38 is a teeny bit tight around my ‘underboob’ but as I’m planning on toning up and losing a few pounds very soon we agree that this is the best fit for me.

Things to look out for when fitting a bra:

  • Firstly the bra should fit well across your back and under your boobs – this means not too loose and not too tight
  • secondly the straps should be adjustable so that when they are pulled up correctly they don’t cut into your shoulders.
  • Wires, if you go for a wired bra, should fit comfortably along the side curve of your boobs and shouldn’t cut in and
  • Finally, cup size should be just right, your boobs shouldn’t be compressed in or spilling over the top or over the sides
  • A Good fitting bra needs to provide support to your boobs and not be too big and should feel comfortable

(my own words, check out TKD for full information from the professionals)


It’s absolutely worth popping in for a fitting and getting the right bra for you – get over the embarrassment or discomfort of standing in front of the mirror or having someone help you, the ladies do this day in and day out and see all shapes and sizes and are there to help and ‘support’ you.

  • TIP the sports bra I have, clips at the back to make it a crossover bra, this also helps in giving extra support and also in adjusting the cup size a bit.


The final bra selected was a Panache Sports Moulded Bra at a cost of 285/AED – it’s said to reduce bounce by 83% – will report back!

Supplier : TKD Lingerie they cater in lingerie, swimwear and nightwear sizes D to KK


PS in case you haven’t guessed, profile image is a stock image from Pixabay, I’m not ready to share a bra photo just yet (or ever)…

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