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Specialty Coffee Listings

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The Specialty Coffee Scene in Dubai and the UAE has expanded dramatically over the first few years. So much so that it’s hard to keep track of what has opened where, and who is serving what. At my last quick count, there are over 200 places where you can drink Specialty Coffee in the UAE. This ranges from Specialty Coffee Roasters and attached Brew bars, through to cafe’s and pop up’s who don’t roast their own coffee but make a point of only serving Specialty Coffee.

This is my curated listing showing all the places you can drink Specialty Coffee in the UAE.  Please bear with me if I’ve missed something, the listing is changing often as more and more places are opening.

My Curated listing Categories

A – The Ultimate Specialty Coffee Place !

The ultimate place to hang out if you love chatting to the barista and/or coffee roaster about specialty coffee. These guys are involved in the whole process from selecting green beans, through to roasting, grinding and brewing.

B – Specialty Coffee is at the heart of what they do.

They serve specialty coffee which is from locally roasted beans or imported beans from a single supplier. Alternatively they may have a rotating supply of beans sourced from specialty coffee roasters worldwide.

C – Places that serve Specialty and/or Great Coffee,

But, it’s not necessarily the only reason you would go to that location. These are the places where perhaps food is at the heart of your experience and Speciality is the added bonus.  Also in this category are a few stellar places serving great coffee which is not necessarily Specialty.

The + sign indicates that the coffee is roasted locally in the UAE.

Specialty Coffee

Refers to single origin coffee, country, estate, or micro lots . The coffee must score 80 points or above on a 100-point scale (SCAA).

Great Coffee

Could perhaps be a custom house blend of coffee which could be multi origin and would score below 80 points on the 100-point scale (SCAA). The listings here, tend to include the smaller independents and homegrown concepts. Some of those listed have a variety of specialist brewing gadgets eg syphon, aero press etc.

Of course my ratings are somewhat arbitrary and based on my opinion and in research, and in all honestly I haven’t visited all of them (yet). 

Do read my Tried & Tasted Articles featuring some of my favorite places link below.

Tried & Tasted

CoffeeCakesAndRunning Specialty Coffee Listings

EmirateNameLocationCaféRoasteryCoffee byDeb's RankNotes
Dubai% Arabica - City WalkCity Walkx% ArabicaBSpecialty Coffee
Dubai% Arabica - Dubai MallDubai Mallx% ArabicaBSpecialty Coffee
Dubai% Arabica - Dubai MallMall of The Emiratesx% ArabicaBSpecialty Coffee
Abu Dhabi% Arabica - Pop UpPop Up - The Dockx% ArabicaBSpecialty Coffee
Dubai1762 Stripped - JLTJumeirah Lake TowersxSeven FortunesC+Specialty Coffee
Dubai1762 The Gourmet DeliJebel AlixSeven FortunesC+Specialty Coffee
Abu Dhabi1762 UAE - Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi, Al KhalidiyahxSeven FortunesC+Specialty Coffee
Dubai1762 UAE - DIFCDIFCxSeven FortunesC+Specialty Coffee
Dubai1762 UAE - DMCMedia CityxSeven FortunesC+Specialty Coffee
Dubai1762 UAE - JAFZAJAFZAxSeven FortunesC+Specialty Coffee
Dubai20 Grams CoffeeNad Al Hammarx-BSpecialty Coffee
Dubai21 GramsJumeirah, Al ThanyaxGold BoxC+Specialty Coffee
Dubai701 Dubaibusiness Bay, Prime TowerxSeven FortunesB+Specialty Coffee
DubaiAmongst Few CafePalm Strip Shopping MallxBoonC+Great Coffee
DubaiAndes CuisineWorld Trade Centre, One CentralxNightjarC+Specialty Coffee
DubaiAppetite - Al SerkalAl Serkal AvenuexSeven FortunesC+Specialty Coffee
DubaiAppetite - Almas TowerJLTxSeven FortunesC+Specialty Coffee
DubaiAppetite - Convention CentreTrade Centre, Convention TowerxSeven FortunesC+Specialty Coffee
DubaiAppetite - Index TowerDIFCxSeven FortunesC+Specialty Coffee
Abu DhabiAptitudeAl NahyanxCafe RiderB+Specialty Coffee
Abu DhabiAptitudeLouvrexCafe RiderB+Specialty Coffee
DubaiArrows & SparrowsThe Greensx-CGreat Coffee
DubaiB'Dou CaféCity Walkx-CGreat Coffee
DubaiBaker & Spice - Dubai MarinaDubai MarinaxBoonC+Great Coffee
DubaiBaker & Spice - Gold & Diamond ParkGold & Diamond ParkxBoonC+Great Coffee
DubaiBaker & Spice - Souq Al BaharDowntown, Souq Al BaharxBoonC+Great Coffee
DubaiBaker & Spice - Souq Al ManzilDowntown, Souq Al ManzilxBoonC+Great Coffee
DubaiBaker & Spice - Town Centre, JumeirahJumeirah, Town CentrexBoonC+Great Coffee
DubaiBarista's Corner, Speciality Coffee HouseBusiness Bay, Canal Central Hotelx-BSpecialty Coffee
AjmanBlack DozeAjmanxSquare Mile CoffeeBSpecialty Coffee
Abu DhabiBlacksmith Coffee CompanySaadiyat IslandxxBlacksmith RoasteryA+Specialty Coffee
DubaiBlacksmith Coffee UAERas Al KhorxRaw & KaramB+Specialty Coffee
DubaiBoonJLTxBoon Coffee RoasteryB+Specialty Coffee
DubaiBoston Lane DubaiAl Quoz, The CourtyardxNightjarC+Specialty Coffee
DubaiBoston Lane Dubai - RIPE MarketsRipe MarketsxNightjarC+Specialty Coffee
DubaiBrew CaféJumeirah Beach RoadxImport worldwideBSpecialty Coffee
DubaiBrews CafeBusiness Bay, Marasi Drivex-BSpecialty Coffee
DubaiBrunswick Eatery & /terraceMall of The EmiratesxEncounter Coffee RoastersC+Specialty Coffee
DubaiCafe @ The WorkshopJumeirah 2xEasternmen & CoC+Specialty Coffee
DubaiCafe FreiDIFC, Central Park TowersxImported from HungaryCGreat Coffee
DubaiCafé RiderAl QuozxxCafe Rider RoasteryA+Specialty Coffee
DubaiCarineEmirates Golf Club, DubaixBoon CoffeeCGreat Coffee
Cascara UAEDistributer of Taf Coffee, grinders & machines
DubaiCheckmateAl Wuhaida RoadxBoon CoffeeB+Specialty Coffee
AjmanCheckmate KioskAjman Station (near)xBoon CoffeeB+Specialty Coffee
DubaiChemex Labal Wasl Road, La Mar BuildingxThe Underdog RoastersBSpecialty Coffee
Abu DhabiCoffee ArchitectAl Reem IslandxBSpecialty Coffee
DubaiCoffee Planet - RoasteryJebel AlixxCoffee Planet RoasteryB+Online+Enoc Petrol Station+ Supermarkets
DubaiColsbrewRas Al Khor (coming soon)Coldbrew & Nitro BrewB+Online+ some cafes & gyms
DubaiCommon Grounds - MOEMall of The EmiratesxEncounter Coffee RoastersBSpecialty Coffee
DubaiCommon Grounds - Warehouse GymJBR, Warehouse GymxEncounter Coffee RoastersCSpecialty Coffee
SharjahCrafted BlendsUniversity City Roadx-CGreat Coffee
DubaiCremolataJumeirah, Fishing HarbourxHasbeanCSpecialty Coffee
SharjahCremolataMuwailihxHasbeanCSpecialty Coffee
SharjahCremolataAl DhaidxHasbeanCSpecialty Coffee
DubaiCupaGahwa - DSODubai Silicon Oasisx-CGreat Coffee
DubaiCupaGahwa - Global VillageGlobal Villagex-CGreat Coffee
DubaiCupaGahwa - La MerLa Merx-CGreat Coffee
DubaiCupaGahwa - Last Exit (D90 Khawaneej)Last Exit - D90 Khawaneejx-CGreat Coffee
DubaiCupaGahwa - Last Exit (E11 - Mad X)Last Exit - E11 - Mad Xx-CGreat Coffee
DubaiDaily Dose CaféJumeirah 1xCafe RiderB+Specialty Coffee
Ras al KhaimaDecaf UAERAKxBSpecialty Coffee
Abu DhabiDepresso CafeCorniche Roadx-CGreat Coffee
DubaiDepresso CaféUmm Seqeimx-CGreat Coffee
DubaiDepresso Café - Global VillageGlobal Villagex-CGreat Coffee
Abu DhabiDistrict 10Khalifa Park, New Siha BuildingxEmirati CoffeeBSpecialty Coffee
DubaiDouble B - City WalkCity WalkxDouble BBSpecialty Coffee
Al AinDripHB StadiumxMeraki ?BSpecialty Coffee
Abu DhabiDrips CafeMassafah Shabiyax-BSpecialty Coffee
DubaiDrop CoffeeDar Wasl Mallx-BSpecialty Coffee
SharjahDrowsy Specialty CoffeeMuwailah CommercialxWorldwide importsBSpecialty Coffee
DubaiDubysCafeDubaiUmm al Sheif - Al WaslXSpecialty Coffee
DubaiDynamic CoffeeOnlineBSpecialty Bottled Cold Brew/Iced Coffee
DubaiEasternmen & Co-xxEasternmen RoasteryCCoffee Roaster
DubaiEgg BreakJumeirahxBSpecialty Coffee
DubaiEmirati CoffeeDar Wasl MallxEmirati CoffeeBSpecialty Coffee
DubaiEmirati CoffeeAl QuozxxEmirati RoasteryA+Specialty Coffee
DubaiEncounter CoffeeBurj Al SalamxxEncounter Coffee RoastersA+Specialty Coffee
DubaiEspresso LabD3xSpecialty Batch RoasteryB+Specialty Coffee
DubaiFIKS CoffeeUmm Sequiem 1, Home & Soul furniturex-BSpecialty Coffee
DubaiFiKS Coffee - Pop UpEmirates Towersx-BSpecialty Coffee
DubaiFlowThe Boulevard, Emirates TowersxBSpecialty Coffee
DubaiFluxAl Warqa 1xBSpecialty Coffee
DubaiFluxJumeirahxBSpecialty Coffee
SharjahFluxMuwailehxBSpecialty Coffee
DubaiFrameD3xWorldwide importsCSpecialty Coffee
DubaiFriends Avenue - JLTJLTxRaw CoffeeC+Great Coffee
DubaiFriends Avenue - MotorcityMotorcityxRaw CoffeeC+Great Coffee
DubaiFuelAl Quoz 3xSeven FortunesC+Specialty Coffee
DubaiGallery Lafayette - City WalkCity WalkxBoon CoffeeC+Great Coffee
DubaiGallery Lafayette - Dubai MallDowntown, Dubai MallxBoon CoffeeC+Great Coffee
SharjahGnadUniversity CityxApril CoffeeBSpecialty Coffee
SharjahGnad MielhaUmm Al Quwain/Sharjah RoadxApril CoffeeBSpecialty Coffee
DubaiGoldbox CoffeeAl Quoz 3, Umm Seqeim RoadxxGoldboxA+Specialty Coffee
SharjahGreen RoasteriesAl DhaidxxRoasteryCCoffee Roaster
Abu DhabiGrind - Abu Dhabi (at Salt)Abu DhabixGrind CoffeeB+Specialty Coffee
AjmanGrind - Ajman (at Salt)AjmanxGrind CoffeeB+Specialty Coffee
Al AinGrind - Al Ain (at Salt)Al AinxGrind CoffeeB+Specialty Coffee
DubaiGrind - Dubai Marina (at Salt)Dubai MarinaxGrind CoffeeB+Specialty Coffee
DubaiGrind - Kite Beach (at Salt)Kite BeachxGrind CoffeeB+Specialty Coffee
DubaiGrind - La Mer (at Salt)La MerxGrind CoffeeB+Specialty Coffee
DubaiGrind City WalkCity WalkxGrind CoffeeB+Specialty Coffee
DubaiGrind coffee & Roastery HouseLast exit KhawaneejxxGrind CoffeeA+Specialty Coffee
DubaiHalf LifeD3xSeven FortunesB+Specialty Coffee
DubaiHapiAlserqal AvenuexThe Barn BerlinBSpecialty Coffee
DubaiHello in DxbDubai MarinaxCoffee PlanetB+Specialty Coffee
SharjahHoof Specialty CoffeeUniversity Road (Near)xBSpecialty Coffee
DubaiHub 1833 Cafe & Specialty CoffeeBusiness Bay, Bay Avenuex-BSpecialty Coffee
DubaiIzu BakeryCity Walk, Le BHV MeraisxBoon CoffeeC+Great Coffee
DubaiIzu BrasserieCity Walk, Le BHV MeraisxBoon CoffeeC+Great Coffee
DubaiJamaica Blue - Al BarshaAl Barsha, Flora HotelxJamaica BlueBSpecialty Coffee
DubaiJamaica Blue - Al GhurairAl Ghurair CentrexJamaica BlueBSpecialty Coffee
DubaiJamaica Blue - Al RiggaAl Rigga, Hyatt PlacexJamaica BlueBSpecialty Coffee
DubaiJamaica Blue - Al SafaAl Safa - Medcare HospitalxJamaica BlueBSpecialty Coffee
DubaiJamaica Blue - Ibn BattutaIbn Battuta MallxJamaica BlueBSpecialty Coffee
DubaiJamaica Blue - Media CityMedia CityxJamaica BlueBSpecialty Coffee
DubaiJamaica Blue - Oud MethaOud Metha - American HospitalxJamaica BlueBSpecialty Coffee
DubaiJebena CoffeeDubai Investment Park 2xxRoasteryA+Specialty Coffee
Al AinJones The GrocerHazza Bin Zayed Stadium (coming soon)x-CGreat Coffee
Abu DhabiJones The GrocerAl Mamoura, Abu Dhabix-CGreat Coffee
Abu DhabiJones The GrocerAl Raha, Abu Dhabix-CGreat Coffee
Abu DhabiJones The GrocerAl Muneera, Abu Dhabix-CGreat Coffee
Abu DhabiJones The GrocerKhalidiya, Abu Dhabix-CGreat Coffee
Abu DhabiJones The GrocerEtihad Headquarters, Abu Dhabix-CGreat Coffee
Abu DhabiJones The GrocerHoliday Inn Downtown, Abu Dhabi - coming soonx-CGreat Coffee
DubaiJones The GrocerAl Manara, Dubaix-CGreat Coffee
DubaiJones The GrocerEtihad Airways, Travel Plaza, Al Safa, Dubaix-CGreat Coffee
DubaiJones The GrocerDusit Thani Hotel, Dubaix-CGreat Coffee
DubaiJones The GrocerMirdif 35, Dubaix-CGreat Coffee
DubaiJones The GrocerEmirates Golf Club, Dubaix-CGreat Coffee
SharjahJones The GrocerFlag Island, Sharijahx-CGreat Coffee
SharjahJones The GrocerUAB Bank, Sharjahx-CGreat Coffee
AjmanJones The GrocerAjmanx-CGreat Coffee
Abu DhabiJoud CafeAl Bateen ParkxCGreat Coffee
DubaiKaffa BeansDubai Silicon OasisxxRoasteryA+Specialty Coffee
Um al QuwainKashtehcafeUm al Quwainx-BGreat Coffee
DubaiKava & ChaiAl Seefx-BSpecialty Coffee
SharjahKava & ChaiAmerican Universityx-BSpecialty Coffee
SharjahKava CaféAcademic Cityx-BSpecialty Coffee
DubaiLa SerreDowntown, Vida HotelxBoon CoffeeC+Great Coffee
DubaiLime Tree CafeJumeirah 1xBoon CoffeeC+Great Coffee
DubaiLime Tree CafeThe Beach, JBRxBoon CoffeeC+Great Coffee
DubaiLime Tree CafeAl QuozxBoon CoffeeC+Great Coffee
DubaiLime Tree CafeSheikh Zayed RoadxBoon CoffeeC+Great Coffee
DubaiLittle Melbourne CafeXASpecialty Coffee
DubaiLondon Dairy CafeMira Town Centrex-CSpecialty Coffee
DubaiLondon Dairy CafeSprings Mallx-CSpecialty Coffee
DubaiLondon Dairy CafeLa Merx-CSpecialty Coffee
DubaiLondon Dairy CafeAl Seefx-CSpecialty Coffee
DubaiLondon Dairy CafeJLT Tiffany Towerx-CSpecialty Coffee
DubaiLondon Dairy CafeIbn Battuta Mallx-CSpecialty Coffee
DubaiLoose UnicornsAl Quozx-B+Specialty Coffee Subscription Service
DubaiMenagerie EateryMirdiff 35x-CSpecialty Coffee
Abu DhabiMeraki Roastery & CafeAl Reefxx-A+Specialty Coffee
DubaiMilkcowBay Avenue, Executive TowerxGold BoxCSpecialty Coffee
DubaiMirzam ChocolateAlserqal AvenuexZero Four Specialty CoffeeCSpecialty Coffee
SharjahMizan CafeUniversity CityxNeroscuro CoffeeCSpecialty Coffee
DubaiMokha 1450 - The PalmPalm Dubaix-B+Specialty Coffee
DubaiMokha 1450 Coffee BoutiqueAl Badaa, Al Wasl Roadx-B+Specialty Coffee
DubaiMotoAl Quoz, Industrial 1xNightjarB+Specialty Coffee
DubaiMyocumDar WaslxRaw Coffee & Boon CoffeeC+Specialty Coffee
DubaiNightjarAl Serkal AvenuexxRoasterA+Specialty Coffee
Abu DhabiNo 57 Boutique CafeAl Bateen, Abu DhabixBSpecialty Coffee
DubaiNostalgiaAl Thanya Streetx-B+Specialty Coffee
DubaiNota Specialty CoffeeThe Beachx-BSpecialty Coffee
Ras al KhaimaOwl CafeNorth RAKxBSpecialty Coffee
SharjahPaper & FigUniversity CityxSeven FortunesC+Specialty Coffee
DubaiPark HouseNessNass BeachxSeven FortunesC+Specialty Coffee
DubaiPark HouseKite BeachxSeven FortunesC+Specialty Coffee
DubaiPark HouseX Park JnrxSeven FortunesC+Specialty Coffee
DubaiPark HouseBarsha ParkxSeven FortunesC+Specialty Coffee
DubaiParlour BoutiqueOne Central, World Trade Centrex-CSpecialty Coffee
DubaiPastryologyPort Rashid MarinaxWorldwide importsCSpecialty Coffee
DubaiPdl DubaixBSpecialty Coffee + Barbers
DubaiPure South Store & CafeThe Greens, Onyx TowersxJasper coffeeBSpecialty Coffee
DubaiQahwaty CoffeeMirdiff 35xSeven FortunesB+Specialty Coffee
SharjahRatios CoffeeHeart of SharjahxSpecialty BatchB+Specialty Coffee
AjmanRatios Flamingo MallFlamingo MallxSpecialty BatchB+Specialty Coffee
SharjahRatios MalihaMalihaxSpecialty BatchB+Specialty Coffee
DubaiRaw CoffeeAl Quoz Industrial firstxx-A+Specialty Coffee
Al AinRefill - Coffee RoasteryAl AinxRefill RoasteryB+Specialty Coffee
DubaiRetro 7 Arabian CentreArabian CentrexSeven FortunesB+Specialty Coffee
DubaiRetro7CafeAl Khawaneej, DkakeenxSeven FortunesBSpecialty Coffee
DubaiRoseleaf Café - Dubai Garden CentreDubai Garden CentrexNightjar CoffeeB+Specialty Coffee
DubaiRoseleaf Café - Emirates Golf ClubEmirates Golf ClubxNightjar CoffeeB+Specialty Coffee
DubaiScotta Espresso BarEmirates Financial Towersx-CGreat Coffee
DubaiScotta Espresso BarBurj Daman Tower, DIFCx-CGreat Coffee
DubaiSelect Shop FrameD3xTim WendelboeCSpecialty Coffee
DubaiSesameSunset MallxBoon CoffeeC+Great Coffee
DubaiSeven FortunesAl Quoz 2xx-A+Specialty Coffee
DubaiSeven FortunesBusiness Bay, Vision TowerxSeven FortunesB+Specialty Coffee
SharjahSidama Cafe UAEMuweilahxMerakiB+Specialty Coffee
SharjahSidama Cafe UAENapoli RestaurantxMeraki Specialty CoffeeB+Specialty Coffee
DubaiSketch art cafeBox Park, Matter bin lahej galleryxSeven Fortunes?BSpecialty Coffee
DubaiSlabLa MerxBoon CoffeeC+Great Coffee
DubaiSociety Café and LoungeJumeirah 1xBlacksmith Coffee CompanyCSpecialty Coffee
DubaiSpecialty BatchJumeirah 1xx-A+Specialty Coffee
DubaiSpill The BeanSustainable CityxRaw CoffeeB+Specialty Coffee
Abu DhabiSteroid CaféAl Maqta Areax-CSpecialty Coffee
DubaiStomping GroundsJumeirah 1xxRoasterA+Specialty Coffee
SharjahStorieUniversity CityxThe Barn BerlinCSpecialty Coffee
DubaiSurgeAl Quoz 4xXSurge Coffee RoastersA+Specialty Coffee
DubaiThe Coffee Lab XPort RashidxxThe Coffee Lab RoasteryA+Specialty Coffee
DubaiThe Coffee MuseumAl Fahadix-B+Specialty Coffee
DubaiThe EditAl Wasl RoadxNightjarB+Specialty Coffee
DubaiThe LighthouseD3xBoon CoffeeC+Great Coffee
Ras al KhaimaThe Muse CafeMina Al ArabxBSpecialty Coffee
DubaiThe Spread CafeAl Thanya StreetxCSpecialty Coffee
DubaiThe Sum of UsBurj Al SalamxXEncounter Coffee RoastersA+Specialty Coffee
Abu DhabiThe Third PlaceCorniche Streetx-CSpecialty Coffee
DubaiTom & SergeAl QuozxEncounter Coffee RoastersC+Specialty Coffee
DubaiTroisJumeirah 3xMan v's Machine & NusantaraBSpecialty Coffee
DubaiVelo CafeAl Mizar, AswaakxRaw Coffee, Camel Step + OthersBSpecialty Coffee
Abu DhabiX Shot CoffeeOld Airport RoadxCGreat Coffee
SharjahZawaya CaféUniversity CityxWorldwide importsBSpecialty Coffee
DubaiZero Four Specialty CoffeeNad Al Sheba 4xWorldwide importsBSpecialty Coffee

Know of somewhere else I should include? Drop me a line and I will add. Debbie xoxo

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