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Specialty Coffee | Stomping Grounds

I’ve been watching and waiting for this new Speciality Coffee Shop and Roastery to open for a while now and today I got to visit for a first brew.  Stomping Grounds had literally been open for one day on my visit, and on first inspection it looked great and I am sure it’s going to be a great addition to the Specialty Coffee scene here in Dubai.  On our first trip we tried flat white and cold brew, with my companion vowing that this was the ‘best coffee he had ever tasted’ which is a fantastic accolade, though to be fair he’s a bit of a specialty coffee novice, but a good convert.

Here are a few images from my initial visit as well as a short video which I hope will ‘whet your appetite’ so to speak, to try out this new spot which I’m sure will be a big hit for Specialty coffee lovers.

As well as serving coffee and some particularly great tea, plans include a good menu offering all day dining options and with staff recruited from some fine dining places in Dubai I’m pleased to see the availability of specialty coffee and great food in one place.  Watch out for more updates they will be coming soon.

I especially loved the outdoor terrace, the coffee bar and of course the coffee plus the on-site roastery and brewing gadgets galore (plus may have checked out a dessert or two, purely for ‘research’ purposes.. )

UPDATE : On a return visit I had breakfast which did not disappoint – details coming soon.