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South St. Burger Co

CoffeeCakesAndRunning South St. Burger Co I received a ‘tip off’ a while ago at the gym about a new relatively new burger place which had opened up in Ibn Battuta (yup – part of the reason we train is so we can indulge relatively guilt free from time to time!).  So I headed off to South Street which is situated at the edge of the food court at the Geant end of the Mall.  I have to admit to visiting this place a few months ago but only just writing it up so apologies if you’ve found the place already – its definitely worth a trip.

CoffeeCakesAndRunning South St. Burger Co When ordering, the concept is a bit similar to ordering a Subway – choose your bread, choose your filling and then have your toppings and sauces added deli style in front of you.   I like this concept, you get to have a personalised meal which is prepared in front of you and you can be as daring or not as you please.  Not a keen lover of bread (or should I say it’s not really a lover of me!) I chose a wholewheat bun knowing that I was going to abandon it later, a juicy beefburger which was cooked to order with a side of fries.

The personalised burger experience started with toppings as the staff were ever eager to please and to make suggestions for me. The keen questioning foodie in me (what’s that, is it hot and spicy etc) meant that I had a good selection of salad items, relishes and pickles and cheeses added to my burger as the staff kept offering for me to try some by adding it to my meal.  My burger & fries combo along with a carton of fresh juice was 44/AED.

CoffeeCakesAndRunning South St. Burger Co I abandoned the bun (I know I can order without but it always causes so much confusion) and then tucked into a nice juicy burger (100% pure beef without hormones or antibiotics) which was overflowing and gooey with a good selection of toppings – I was particularly taken by the cheese which was tasty.  I also particularly enjoyed some of the sweet onion relish which was added too, in fact all of the toppings were good.  Unfortunately my close up picture of my burger is a bit sloppy as I think I had about ten toppings too many added – just for tasting purposes you understand 🙂  As for the fries, they were freshly cooked New York style fries and were crunchy and somewhat moreish.  Along with the abundant toppings, you also get to add some additional flavourings to your meal at the condiment station – with malt vinegar, hot chili sauce, and additional spices which is a nice touch.

Information about South St Burger Co can be found on their website Facebook or Twitter or on Facebook.

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