CoffeeCakesAndRunning Philippines ~ Sonya's Secret Garden, Cavite

Philippines ~ Sonya’s Secret Garden, Cavite

I’m in the Philippines for a short seven day press trip which will take in Manila, Boracay and Cebu.  The itinerary is jam packed. Ahead of us are many early morning wake up calls for super early flights. Many Late nights after dinner appointments. Busy days with each day filled with activities and sightseeing.  The aim being to see some of the highlights of the Philippines in a short period of time and to spread the word.

Sonya’s Secret Garden, Cavite

The itinerary simply said a visit to Sonya’s Secret Garden for a spa treatment and lunch.  What we discovered was something oh so much better.  Just a few hours outside the hustle and bustle of Manila we were transported to a little piece of paradise.  It’s easy to see why this place is so popular with the locals who escape Manila on the weekends. Sonya’s Secret Garden is a private residence now open to the public containing a spa, an organic restaurant, stunning gardens and the opportunity to stay over too.  After seeing all that was on offer to be honest I’m tempted not to return to Manila. Sonya’s Garden is an unexpected find and would make an amazing retreat.

The Gardens

Wandering around the gardens was a real treat. Every  time we turned a corner we were treated to a different vista. The garden was full of colourful flowers and we were surrounded by butterflies. There were also a wide range of vegetables which were destined to be part of our lunch.  Overhead we spotted the odd spider in the centre of a huge web. Basking in the sun, and framed by a large silky spun web glistening in the sunlight.  The garden is tranquil, fun and whimsical at the same time and an unexpected treat.

Spa time

After the stroll around garden it’s time for a massage in the onsite spa.  The spa setting is in the quietest part of the garden and outside you can hear the birds and nothing else.  The massage feels well deserved after a few chaotic days in Manila and I fall into a deep and relaxing sleep.


Lunch is taken in a busy restaurant.  There’s a selection of buffet items on offer as well as fresh salads which are brought to the table.  The salads are simple and tasty. Packed full of veggies from the garden and decorated with edible flowers they are a delight.

Cavite and Taal

We were on a day trip to Cavite and Taal a haunt for many on weekends and holidays. For more information about this area read here – coming soon.

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