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Some Like it Hot – Horseradish

This is the story of how an ugly looking root vegetable, mentally transported me back to my childhood with memories of home baking, family gatherings and sunday roast dinners, and made me a little homesick too.  And hence you begin to understand my love for food and how it’s one of the things that can quickly take you back to a time and a place and put a gentle smile on my face as I remember …..

A few weeks ago I attended the Food Festival at Lafayette Gourmet.  The event showcased a variety of local produce ranging from fruit and vegetables, smoked salmon and chocolates to name a few.

With many items available to sample and buy there was plenty of opportunity to talk to the wonderful people who are passionate about their produce and as well as this plenty of opportunities to watch some unusual demonstrations from truffle making to hand slicing fresh smoked salmon to name but a few.

I was sorely tempted to buy everything, but being constrained by a budget (I’m currently time rich and cash poor, the joys of taking a career break LOL) I  was tempted by the wonderful selection of fresh fruit and vegetables on sale, particularly those from Lootah Premium Foods as they had some really unusual products on offerRestraining myself not to buy everything, I finally settled on some fresh horseradish, a selection of heirloom beetroot and some baby king edward new potatoes which were calling me softly as I have an absolute love of baby new potatoes.

Images from home came flooding back to me as I spotted a horseradish root amongst the boxes of fruit and vegetables, whilst not a particularly pretty looking vegetable, this simple root brought back many a happy memory of a Sunday roast dinner with in my family in the UK.  Each week we had a big roast dinner which everyone attended, Sunday mornings were spent baking and preparing lunch with the smell of a roast joint permeating every corner of the house until we were literally drooling and begging for lunch to be ready soon.  If we had roast beef then mum always made home made horseradish which I loved.  And so I had to buy this somewhat ugly but tasty root vegetable and to recreate wonderful memories of horseradish with beef at home.

In less than 10 minutes you can transform this simple vegetable into a hot, tangy and tasty sauce which pairs beautifully with a steak, roast beef, smoked salmon, trout or mackerel, it pairs beautifully with beetroot too and I’m sure many other dishes. It’s a firm favourite of mine and if you get a chance I encourage you to make your own fresh horseradish.

Here’s how to do it in three easy steps :

  1. Use a vegetable peeler to remove the outside skin of the horseradish

  2. Grate the horseradish – I did mine by hand with a small hand grater but you can blitz it in a food processor if you have one (warning this takes time and energy if you do by hand and as the root releases it’s oils it may make your eyes run)

  3. Add rice vinegar, or white wine vinegar to cover the horsedash – it’s now ready to serve

If you want a more creamy horseradish you can add it to cream, sour cream or even yogurt to suit your personal taste.  I added a few teaspoons of single cream for an indulgent cream of horseradish sauce.

I served my fresh cream of horseradish sauce with a pan fried ribeye of steak, which I coated with some chilli, and some baby tomatoes.  Fresh and tasty lunch served in a matter of minutes.

The sauce itself will keep in the fridge in an airtight jar for a couple of weeks or so – if it lasts that long – mine didn’t.

As for the rest of my loot, the potatoes were simply steamed and eaten with a generous dollop of salted butter, the beetroot were simply roasted and sprinkled with olive oil and sea salt.  A delicious tasty treat and one which I will repeat again soon.


Here are some pics from the day.