CoffeeCakesAndRunning At the market & in the kitchen with Pierre Gagnaire

At the market & in the kitchen with Pierre Gagnaire

It’s two days before Christmas and I’m in a car heading towards the Fish Market in Deira, Dubai.  No big deal, I’ve been to the fish market lots of times. It’s a great place to buy fresh fish and take some great photos and feel part of an old Dubai tradition.  This time it’s different, in the car with us is a big hero of mine, French Chef Pierre Gagnaire.  Pierre Gagnaire is a chef with a three Michelin star credentials and he’s visiting the fish market for a first time.

Pierre has agreed to cook lunch for a few of us from what he finds at the market, which is a rare treat and something I have been looking forward to for a long time, after all it’s not every day that you get the opportunity to go shopping with a Chef with Michelin star credentials.

On arrival,we wander around the fruit market with Pierre picking up and buying one or two items only.  This amuses the staff on the fruit stalls, “who buys 1 cucumber, 2 tomatoes …” they ask, completely unaware of who they are serving.  The porter is bemused too, I’m sure he’s wondering why we can’t carry our own bags rather than having him trail around behind us.  He’s used to carting around boxes of fruit and veg not a collection of small carrier bags.  After we’ve bought the fruit and veg, we head to the fish market where word is out that someone “big’ is in the fish market but again, nobody knows who Pierre is.  It’s fun to know and to see the guys treat him with a level of pure innocence. After lots of banter and bartering he buys some prawns and fish, poses for some photos with the guys on the stall and we had back to Reflets for him to cook.  Little do they know who they have just served.

In the kitchen Pierre absolutely comes to life, he’s animated but concentrates on creating a dish for us.  The kitchen is calm and ordered as everyone works diligently around us to produce two delicate dishes of food which he calls “homage to Dubai”




This post is part of a Weekly Challenge Post ~ for more information click >> Fun! Celebrating a Fun! day out at Dubai Fruit & Vegetable Market and Deira Fish Market.

Thanks to the team at Reflets, Dubai InterContinental Hotel who arranged this for us.

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