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Saffron Buns

A few weeks ago I saw a post here >>Saffron Buns which grabbed my attention as they looked so tempting and I love Saffron.  Not only that but the author of the post, recommends that the buns are best eaten with some jam and clotted cream – just perfect.

A quick shopping trip to Spinneys and I had all of the necessary ingredients to start baking.  The saffron proved hard to find until I found out that it’s stored next tot he checkouts and not in the cooking aisle, I also substituted the currants for golden sultanas to add an element of middle east to the recipe and also because I just love those juicy sultanas.

I won’t lie – my first batch of buns were terrible, the dough barely rose and what came out of the oven resembled more of a rock cake than a bun (well more of a rock if I’m completely honest !).  Undeterred the next day I set out to the organic shop and bought some new yeast and attempted the buns again.

If I say so myself, my second attempt was much better and the buns were well received.  I actually enjoyed eating them on their own and toasted a few and ate them hot from the toaster with some butter.

I also took the opportunity whilst baking to play with some photos as I’m trying to improve my food photos.  Take a look here and let me know what you think.

The recipe and instructions can be found here.

This recipe was submitted as part of the Fresh From the Oven Challenge details of which can be found here