CoffeeCakesAndRunning Ramadan | Some alternatives ... to Iftars and Suhoors

Ramadan | Some alternatives … to Iftars and Suhoors

An Alternative Ramadan

Hold on ….

Ramadan isn’t just supposed to be full of  Iftar buffets, Suhoors and excessive food consumption and waste, so don’t forget to enjoy the simpler pleasures and relish them (this year, for the second year in a row, I’m fasting so am perhaps seeing Ramadan with a different perspective), here’s a few suggestions :

Spend Time with friends at your favourite coffee shop and see how much better your first coffee of the day tastes after a fifteen hour fast, believe me it does !

Get cooking – make a simple soup and salad and enjoy it at home and see how tasty it is, and also how full you feel after fasting – need inspiration? Then check out the latest issue of FoodeMagdxb there are plenty of recipes to enjoy during Ramadan.


Order In – get a delivery from your favourite takeaway and invite a few friends over.

Volunteer – #Fillingtheblues is back this year, where local restaurants and volunteers are coming together to feed labourers. Details

Random Acts of Kindness – a little gesture can go a long way particularly in the month of Ramadan when many kind acts are done, simple things like paying for lunch for a construction worker or gardener in the queue at the supermarket (typically never more than 10/AED) or buying someone a coffee, giving juice to the car cleaning guys etc – can put a smile on someones face for a minimal cost.

Pssst ….

Don’t forget to keep moving and exercise – I know it’s hot and humid and it’s easy to slump in front of the TV with a box set of your favourite show, but with a little imagination there’s plenty you can do :-

Alter your training schedule so that you train when it’s cooler (and after you have eaten a light meal if you are fasting).

Train in the Malls – mall walking is great exercise and it’s easy to get in 10,000 steps if you try – just don’t keep stopping and spending money in the shops as you go along …

Join a gym – there are some amazing summer membership deals available so make the most of the great prices, don’t forget hotel gyms they have some good rates too !

Train at home – there’s a whole host of exercises you can do in your own lounge – google and youtube are your inspiration here.

Follow a Training Plan – I’m following a plan from BodyBuilding.Com – a mixture of weights and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and am finding it really useful as it’s pushing me each day to progress.

Keep Hydrated : whether you are fasting or not, keeping hydrated is a must ! Sip constantly when you are able to and try and focus on hydrating foods too eg soups, salads, fruit.

Dubai Sports World will be operating from Dubai World Trade Centre and are hosting a twelve week programme of indoor sports related activities with someone for everyone including running tracks, football, rugby, basketball, gym equipment, group classes and a cycling studio.  The best part ?… some of the activities are FREE to attend.

Ramadan Kareem