CoffeeCakesAndRunning Ramadan | FillingTheBlues Year 3

Ramadan | FillingTheBlues Year 3


If you read any of my social media feeds you will have seen more than a smattering of ‘boys in blue’ this year as I am taking part in a Ramadan initiative organised by Tahir of Moti Roti called Filling the Blues. The focus of the project is to bring together homegrown food businesses and volunteers, who join together for Ramadan and distribute food and drink to the ‘boys in blue’ the term we use to cover the guys who work tirelessly throughout the year building Dubai literally brick by brick.

This year, we returned to the same spot as last year, a construction site in Tecom, close to the Media Rotana and each night one hundred weary guys patiently queue up after their shift to receive a meal.  The aim of the project isn’t about trying to fix the big issues around labourer camps, labourer rights and pay etc, it’s a token of our appreciation, a recognition of the work they do and a fantastic opportunity to meet the guys, chat to them, have a laugh with them and put a smile on their face by treating them to a few different experiences.  It’s a community event, each night (except Fridays) the site is full of different volunteers and different businesses who have donated food, drink and sometimes snacks to the guys, and no two nights are ever the same.

If you want to get involved the details are on Moti Roti’s site

Thanks to the Companies who have been involved so far including :

Careem | Moti Roti |Taqado | Appetite | Barakat Fresh & Easy | The Kebab Shop |

 | El Rincon Colombiano | Good Magazine | House of Comms

A huge thanks also to all of the volunteers who turn up every evening bearing water, juice, laban, home made drinks, fruit and snacks and goodies for the guys.

In the meantime, here’s some vidoes and photos which capture the essence of the evening and some chats with some of the guys who telly their story.

We think we are getting super quick and organised with our food distribution, each year it gets easier and easier, this year, we make it look effortlessly with this clip shot using the P8 Video and the Timelapse function :



I can’t stop taking videos of the distribution of food to these guys, the smiles on their faces speak volumes 🙂 Taken on P8 and edited with VideoShow app on P8


And here’s a quick interview I shot using the Video from P8 last night, excuse any hand wobble, I’ve been fasting and by Iftar things get a little shaky ..