CoffeeCakesAndRunning Six Essential Krakow Food experiences to try
Krakow a centre for Food lovers Here are some of the must do Krakow food and drink experiences that I highly recommend that you do whilst you are in Krakow. I have personally done all of these, and would suggest that they are essentials to be added to your ‘To... Continue Reading
CoffeeCakesAndRunning Polish Food a new found love for modern and traditional
POLISH FOOD Anticipation verses reality Some twenty years ago …. When I mentioned I was going on a trip to Poland, my mum who lives in the UK and is not the most adventurous of travellers, told me to expect terrible food. This advice, was based on her first and... Continue Reading
CoffeeCakesAndRunning Cheers to Poland - a celebration of vodka and beyond
Poland – more than just Vodka! Mention Poland to anyone, and the first drink they mention is Vodka. But on visiting Poland you will find out there’s so much more on offer including locally brewed beer, cider, wine and so much more!  In part 1 of this 2 part blog,... Continue Reading
CoffeeCakesAndRunning Arrows and Sparrows - dining in my neighbourhood
Arrows and Sparrows Location based Dining Hands up if you are guilty of always hopping in the car and driving somewhere to eat out! It’s something that happens unconsciously to me all the time. When I’m thinking of places to eat or to take people too I firstly think of... Continue Reading
CoffeeCakesAndRunning Traditional Raclette - a celebration of melted cheese
RACLETTE There’s something quite special and sociable about sharing Raclette with friends or family. The great thing about the dish is that it’s incredibly flexible and allows you to add plenty of different side items to allow it to be a dish to suit everyone’s taste. From vegetables and herbs,... Continue Reading
CoffeeCakesAndRunning Places to celebrate International Coffee Day in Dubai
Where to Celebrate International Coffee Day in Dubai International Coffee Day is a global celebration of coffee’s journey from the farm to your local shop. It’s an opportunity to honor the women and men who grow and harvest the coffee we love. And, of course, a chance to celebrate by... Continue Reading
CoffeeCakesAndRunning Kremówka - Papal Cake
Kremówka, also called Papal Cake or Papal Cream Cake is a Polish type of cream/custard pie made of two layers of puff pastry, filled with whipped cream, creamy buttercream, vanilla pastry cream or sometimes egg white cream, and is usually sprinkled with sugar. Continue Reading
CoffeeCakesAndRunning Coffee Roasters in Dubai and beyond
When I first came to Dubai back in 2009 you could count the number of coffee roasters on one hand and everyone who loved coffee, knew who the roasters were. Since then the Specialty Coffee scene has exploded and with it has come a raft of new coffee roasters many... Continue Reading
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