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A Borneo Morning Photo Challenge


Sleeping on the deck of a small riverboat we were spending three days in Borneo traversing the river and stopping off each morning to visit rescue Orangutang’s who were being rehabilitated back into the wild. The first evening we were caught in a tropical storm and had a restless night sleeping on deck watching the lightening in the sky above us whilst hearing the tropical rain lashing against the boat and all around us.  Needless to say we did not get a good night’s sleep that night.

Morning came and the air was sweet and fresh after the downpour.  After a hearty breakfast cooked by our cheerful toothless cook, we landed at the first island where we were to see the Orangutang’s.  This gorgeous adult Orangutang was sprawled on the dockside sleepily waiting for our arrival.  She was chilled out and napping in the sun and we had to step over her to reach the shore. She was a lot more relaxed about us stepping over her than we were.

Just step over her, it will be fine – said our Guide as we looked at him as if he was mad !

With some trepidation and a lot of reassurance from our guide we followed his instructions and stepped over the napping orangutang.  We left her napping and sunbathing as we went to see other Orangutang’s getting their morning breakfast as they were called down from the high canopies above us.

We saw this gorgeous lady later that morning. Awake and now full of life, she was on top of the staff accommodation stealing dried fish which the staff were drying in the sunlight. She cheerfully stuffed them in her mouth as the keepers tried to chase her away.  Almost childlike she carried on eating the fish and playfully teasing the staff.

This was our first encounter with a semi wild Orangutang in Borneo and a once-in-lifetime experience.

This post is part of the Daily Photo Challenge with WordPress, this one focusses on a morning memory – for more details take a look here >>Morning I visited the Indonesian side of Borneo during a three week trip.

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