CoffeeCakesAndRunning NRG Fitness - Tried & Tested - a tale of two back to back classes

NRG Fitness – Tried & Tested – a tale of two back to back classes

NRG Fitness

Tried & Tested

It’s early on a Friday morning, and getting towards the end of the twelve-week program of Switch 360. I’m beginning to think about what my training plan will be after the program finishes, so am delighted to check out NRG Fitness on an open day. Locating the club is fairly easy as the club is on Marina Walk an area I know reasonably well.   I have to stop and check with security to find the club as it’s not too clear exactly where they are and the signs are placed outside of the wrong building, sure this has been rectified by now.

I’ve decided to try two classes, almost back to back and sneak in a quick look around the club before the classes start.  The club is not huge but it does have a multi-purpose funky studio albeit with some slightly odd angles, a smaller studio complete with a few poles, plus a large bike studio which is packed with bikes. There are also some pristine changing rooms and a reception area which also hosts a small snack/juice bar and a few items for sale. The decoration is hip and funky, lots of motivational arty graffiti on the walls and of course a selfie spot which is fun.


The first session of the day starts with a HIIT session which reminds me a bit of a mix between, Body Pump meets Function Movements, meets Workout of the Day from Cross Fit. There are two trainers leading the class though I suspect there is usually one. They encourage and motivate where needed and are helped by live music by DJ Danny Cee who is there for the event which adds a fun element to the class. We are broken down into two groups doing various HIIT and Functional movement exercises with the addition of weights as required. The odd room shape causes a few issues and I feel like I’m constantly having to move around so as not to bump into the person next to me, more because of room design than me I hasten to add. The class is ok but doesn’t ignite my fire that much, to be fair it’s still in the first couple of weeks of the opening so I’ll give them a bit of leeway. I’m teamed up with a reluctant partner at the end and he is a bit of a bad sport and chooses to abandon me to do a duo exercise on his own. I know I’m not the fittest or the fastest but am a bit shaken by this as usually more competent people I’ve trained with have tried to help and encourage me to train to the right pace, and not abandon me. It’s the first time that’s ever happened to me so I’m surprised, a little upset, a bit annoyed at him and me and a little embarrassed if I’m completely honest – I’ll put it down to bad gym etiquette, but really …..


With just enough time to mop the sweat from my brow, I move to the other studio and quickly set up my bike for the NRG Ride class.  The class is full and once again we have two instructors.  The bikes are a posher version to the spin bikes I’ve used in my earlier gym life and are easy and quick to set up.  The class is once again supported by DJR Danny See which his fun and the music is perfectly timed with the exercises. The class seems to be very much in two parts, the first is interval based where we simulate various rides, along the flat, up and down hills etc using resistance to mimic the situation. The second half is much more focussed on sprinting intervals so we pedal like crazy and get our heart rates and energy levels soaring.  At the front of the class, some of the members have their heart rates and percentage of effort etc beamed onto the wall, which can be motivating – but you will need to buy the My Zone Heart rate belt sold by the club to benefit from this.   The energy in the room is amazing and I leave this class on a high, as do the other participants.


NRG has a few other classes under three categories. RIDE – RPM, NRG Ride and NRG Sprint,  STRONG covers things such a Zumba, Pilates, Yoga and Body Pump, Body Balance and a few others whilst FOCUS covers NRG aerial swing and NRG pole class. There’s a mix of traditional Les Mills classes and some NRG devised classes.


The only class that I would like to go back and try is NRG Swing, purely because I’m fascinated by this training. Whilst the classes I tried were good, neither of them gave me the ‘Great! Must Return’ feeling which I have had for other classes with other providers.  Location wise, I’m sure it will be a big hit with those living at the Marina Walk end of town which is lacking in training facilities.


I attended on a free public weekend, with no obligation to share my experience. As usual, all opinions are my own.

NRG Fitness

Our hip and funky fitness facility offers the best in semi-personalized group workouts with our extra injection of NRG! We invite you to join NRG fitness and get your endorphins rushing and help enhance your life. We throw invigorating beats, charismatic coaches and advanced equipment into a group fitness cocktail shaker, and serve up a delicious workout over ice!  

With the personalized NRG System, we set you up for a life-changing training experience like no other.

– Source :NRG Fitness Website


Classes are paid for on a Credit basis with one Credit starting at 100/AED and reducing to 80/AED if you buy multiple Credits. Booking is via a nifty app which was really easy to use.


NRG Fitness, Shop A-7, Marina Walk,
Emaar Retail Ground Floor, Dubai Marina,