CoffeeCakesAndRunning Sh'Bam

As part of my 12WBT I have committed to doing 6 workouts per week.  3 Cardio, 2 Toning and 1 Core/Stretch.

To really challenge myself I’ve decided to try some new classes which will a) take me outside of my exercise ‘comfort zone’ (if you have such a thing) and b) challenge myself and possibly 3) reset my ‘comfort zone’ for future workouts.

Anyway, this Sunday – I found the first class which took my fancy from the Hayya schedule and just went to class.  I didn’t do any research and therefore didn’t know what to expect – apart from I had heard one of the instructors saying they would rather do Sh’Bam than Body Combat as they feel like they get twice the workout – now being as I think Body Combat is quite hard-core I was intrigued to do Sh’Bam.

Sh’Bam is a Les Mills workout – the class is only 45 minutes and I can only describe it as a mixture of the following :

  1. Fame (Yes – the dancy academy that I remember watching a long time ago)
  2. A Rio Carnival dance parade
  3. Sexy bedroom moves – lots of hip and bust shimmies with some virtual body caressing moves ! and finally
  4. Cardio

It’s set to reasonably fast music and is one of those classes where you just have to have fun and see where it takes you !!  In a way, the less inhibited you are about moving your body, the more fun you have.  The class was done in front of mirrors – so if you are not a fan – stand at the back and try to hide behind the person in front !

The warm up track is a mixture of the usual type of warm up moves that you do in cardio classes, some grapevine stuff, some moving side to side, marching and backwards and fowards.

After that the class gets much more ‘freestyle’ in terms of some of the moves – the more you can wiggle and jiggle you hips and bust – the more you can really ‘dance’ along with the music – it’s not really a dance class though as there is plenty of cardio involved as well.

As a regular cardio attendee, I found it difficult to switch from full cardio workout mode to more of a fun shimmee to the mirror workout at first – but as time went on I was shimmee-ing and wiggling my hips and boobs like a pro (well as pro as I’m going to get !)


This was a really fun class, the more you can let go and go with the shimmieing and sexy moves the better.  There is plenty of whooping and high energy throughout the class from the warm up to the sexy stretches at the end.  If you don’t feel sexy at the start of the class – you do at the end – so it could have other benefits too !


I forgot to set my Heart Rate monitor at the start – but averaging it out it was close to 500 cals for a 45 minute class which is a great burn.  Maximum heart-rate was 170 BPM so it’s quite intense but you get recovery tracks too.

Sweat Factor

Yet another sweaty workout – my hair was dripping when I left (so not attractive!) – but for me – sweat means I’ve worked hard and given it my best so I’ll take it (sorry guys – girls who work out hard – sweat hard too) !

Will I go again – YES – this was such a good workout both physically and mentally.  It’s one of the few classes I’ve left where everyone was smiling with some real high energy endorphins when the class was over.  My only worry is that I’m enjoying all of the classes I go to (with the exception of Zumba which I hate with a passion)

More Info Class Description: Les Mills Sh’Bam  and Video See also YouTube : Video