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Club Energize – MMA Fitness Center

I’m always keen to find new ways to workout and to challenge myself as well as to get some of those fab exercise endorphins so with this in mind I recently attended a Club Energize class.

The class is described as follows “Based on the age old tradition of martial arts and realistic fighting skills, you will build up a routine worthy of any fighter! Combine this with exclusive music mixes of soulful house and drum ‘n’ bass straight from Club energize UK. It’s the ultimate workout!”

Sounds good right ? And it was good in fact it was great !! From the description I was kind of expecting something similar to Body Combat which is one of the classes high on my ‘enjoyment’ list – and it’s kind of like that – but oh so much better and harder !!

If you have done Combat you will recognise many of the moves and will love the high energy music. But what makes this class better than combat is that the routine keeps progressing in terms of intensity and complexity throughout the class – BUT all of this is matched with the ability of those in the class. So if one person (or more) are struggling to get a move or the timing right etc, the instructor will redo this part of the class until they do and then you progress again.

What do I mean by this ? Well, if you have done combat, you will know there are a set number of tracks and to each track there is a set routine – you can increase the intensity a little but jumping a little higher or squatting or lunging a little lower if you are more advanced, but in essence the same routine happens during the class and in a way, it becomes a bit predictable. Don’t get me wrong I’ve done combat on and off for a while now and I love the high energy and am sure it’s made a big change to my body shape and cardio fitness.

For Club Energize the moves are fairly similar, but the routines build up as you progress so that you keep on adding moves as the class progresses and keep joining each set of moves together until the routine gets more complex, more challenging, more high energy and more fun – there’s even a bit of whooping and shouting as the intensity builds (yup I did mention fun and exercise in the same paragraph !!)

In terms of instruction – the instructor spent time both in front of the class demonstrating and cuing us for moves as well as amongst us during the routine either working out with us, or providing a ‘target’ at which we could aim our upper cuts and jabs towards when we were punching and as a target for some high kicks which was fun and also demonstrated how some of our moves could be used in real fight routines rather than in class !!

The routine is set against some fab high energy music which keeps you motivated and keeps the energy levels high.

The class is an hour long and was led by Adam Kechil* whose energy and enthusiasm makes it fun and I am sure he makes you work harder and ultimately burn more calories and get results.

Would I do the class again ? Yes – I’m told that the class size in the evenings is much higher and that the routine is even more hardcore – which I’m keep to try. That said, I burned a fantastic 654 calories during the class which is my highest calorie burn so far and I LOVED it !!

Sweat Factor – Yup – another sweaty workout – I had to mop my brow plenty during this class and can’t stress how important it is to keep hydrated before and after this class. Next time I’m going to try and eat breakfast before as I’m sure this will help with my energy levels too.

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Adam Kechil teaches Boxercise, Club Energize and a number of other classes at MMA Fitness Center in Tecom.


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*you may recognise Adam from local TV out here (PhysiqueTV and his popular car show IN GEAR) and for his regular work for better Road Safety and Advanced Driving skills through the Institute of Advanced Drivers.

Note : I originally reviewed this class when Adam taught at Fitness Beat