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Circuits & TRX Class

With the #12WBT (12 Week Body Transformation) Programme kicking off next week (eek – how did that sneak up on me ??), I thought that I should try a few new classes over the next few days to help me think about what types of exercise I want to build into my 12 week programme.  Once you start the 12WBT you commit to 6 sessions of exercise per week as follows :

Day 1: Fitness
Day 2: Toning
Day 3: Fitness
Day 4: Toning
Day 5: Light fitness, core and stretch
Day 6: Fitness

After consulting the Hayya class schedule I decided to try a Circuit and TRX class. I’ve never done circuits or TRX before – so this sounded interesting – if not somewhat HardCore !! – But you know me by now – my motto is #NoPainNoGain and #NoRegrets

I arrived early and was somewhat daunted to see just how much equipment was set up in the gymnasium – weights, TRX, Steps, 2 sets of boxing equipment, Kettlebells, Sandbags and Yoga Mats.  Beside each piece of equipment there was a laminated card with 4 different exercises on them along with the number of repetitions that you needed to do.  (Thankfully there were diagrams of what you had to do which helped !).

I had a quick talk to the instructor and then we were off – basically you get 2 minutes at each Station (group of 4 exercises) before you move onto the next Station and during that time you need to complete as many as exercises as you can.  The class is set to fast energising dance music which is interrupted by a loud bell telling you when you have to change stations.  Sounds easy right ?

So here’s roughly what we did : (apologies if I’ve got the names wrong – but you get my drift – this is all from memory)

  • Warm up – walking, skipping, jogging, sprints & squat against the wall
  • Pressups (full ones)
  • Burpees
  • Mountain Climbs
  • Squats – with a sandbag
  • Lunges with a sandbag
  • Jumping over the sandbag from side to side
  • Tricep Dips
  • Step Ups
  • Crunches
  • V Crunches
  • Crunches with a sandbag
  • Scissors
  • Jumping over the step
  • Boxing – Upper Cut with running intervals
  • Boxing – Normal Punch with running intervals
  • Boxing / Sit up Combination
  • Kettlebell overhead swing
  • Dumbell Squats
  • Dumbell Pressups
  • Plank with arm raise
  • Pressup/Burpee/Run Combinations
  • TRX – Pressups, Side Lunge, Jump
  • Stretching & Cooldown

The class lasts an hour, but as you are busy throughout, the time goes really quickly.

Summary :

This is a reasonably interactive session which builds on your competitive nature as you find yourself competing with others in the same group as you.  It’s also good fun, incredibly sweaty and pushes you to near exhaustion on some of the combinations.

From the moment you start the warm up to the cool down session, you are working out fairly hard core.

Stats :

My average heart-rate during the class was 161 BPM and I reached a maximum of  178 BPM.  Calorie burn was 515 cals

Sweat Factor :

Be warned, if you don’t like sweating – don’t go !  I had to apologise to my boxing partner as I was sweating all over her when she was led on the floor doing some boxing prep (the saving grace was that we were all like that).  I also came out looking like a bad advert for a wet T-Shirt competition and with soaking wet hair – most attractive – NOT !

Will I go again? Hell yes – it was fun (in a pleasure/pain sort of way) & challenging.  I can see that this will become a regular part of my fitness routine and as the instructor changes the exercises most weeks it should constantly keep my body guessing what’s next – LOVE IT !!