CoffeeCakesAndRunning Boxercise at MMA Fitness Center

Boxercise at MMA Fitness Center

Always on the quest to get fitter and leaner, I recently attended a Boxercise class. To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect – the clue was in the title I guess – in that there would be boxing and exercise – but that’s as far as I got with my research ! (I kind of like not knowing what to expect – it all adds to the intrigue!)

The class starts off with a group warm up set against some fast dance music with some cardio involving some boxing moves – mainly upper cuts, jabs and hooks with the focus being on getting the technique correct (which helps greatly later on).

Next you do some fast repetitions of various exercises with virtually no rest in-between, from memory I think we did 40 quarter dip press-ups, 40 jumping jacks, 40 mountain climbers, 40 reverse ab curls oh and my favourite (not) 40 burpees !!

After the warm up (think sweatfest!) you partner up with someone (a lovely lady who had been to class before – in my case) and you progress around the studio doing various boxing based activities for two minute intervals at a time with minimal recovery time in between each interval. (Two minutes doesn’t sound long, but for some of the exercises it was more than long enough and my muscles and hands were burning !)

During each set you either work with your partner or you split up and do separate activities. From memory (it’s not the kind of workout where you get time to type notes on your iPhone) we did the following :

  • Upper Cuts and Jabs against your partner who is holding a pad (good fun, we laughed as we boxed and squatted !)
  • Running sprint intervals carrying 10kg weights
  • Punching a punchbag (great for stress relief !)
  • Tricep Dips on a step (burned like hell !)
  • Uppercut training with 3kg handweights (burned like hell !)
  • Step ups with boxing intervals in between – loved it
  • Other activities on the circuit but not tried included step ups with additional weights, arm exercises with weights and two rounds of various boxing activities (looked like fun & I have to get to this part next time !)

All too soon for me the class was over and we did a cool down routine and stretches – to be honest I would have liked to have completed all of the circuit as the exercises that I missed looked like fun ! (I’m seriously getting into this exercise lark now and the endorphins it brings too) – I guess it means I have to go back to do circuits (part II)

The instructor, Adam Kechil, was great – he spent his time demonstrating the various moves and techniques involved as well as shouting out encouragement throughout the session and making sure that you worked your hardest (I swear that guy has eyes in the back of his head and seems to be able to see around corners too – so there’s no hiding or slacking !!)

Would I do it again ? YES, YES, YES – The class is very much a class where your energy is focused on various ‘boxing fit’ activities and it’s also a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class which is good for fat burning. Sexy abs here I come (well maybe!). It’s fun, it’s fast paced, the music is fab (I think there was some Rocky stuff in there which made me smile) but most of all it’s super motivating and I loved it. It’s also one of the more sociable classes where you get to chat/motivate/shout/hit your partner & that alone adds to the fun factor ! (I’m sorry partner – I did push you around a bit – I couldn’t help it – Adam shouting at me made me do it !!)

Sweat factor – yup yet another sweaty workout – if you work hard, you will sweat ! (I drank 1L of water in class alone)

Calories – not sure I forgot my heart-rate monitor – suspect it’s close to 450-500 cals – but the after burn should be great due to the HIIT element.

UPDATE I burned 540 calories at my second class so it’s a good calorie burn too

For more information see :

Adam Kechil teaches Boxercise, Club Energize and a number of other classes at MMA Fitness Center in Tecom.


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*you may recognise Adam from local TV out here (PhysiqueTV and his popular car show IN GEAR) and for his regular work for better Road Safety and Advanced Driving skills through the Institute of Advanced Drivers.

Note : I originally reviewed this class when Adam taught at Fitness Beat