CoffeeCakesAndRunning Netflix in the UAE - shows for food lovers

Netflix in the UAE – shows for food lovers

Netflix in the UAE

Food shows, documentaries and movies available in the UAE

Grab your gourmet popcorn, a mug of tea or event better a Specialty coffee.  I’ve scoured Netflix in the UAE and compiled the ultimate listing of all the Food related Shows, Documentaries and Films available here in the UAE. 

Featured in this post, more details about the shows in two categories:  Serious Food Lovers and Food & Travel. I’ve included information on the shows that I’ve watched so far along with a short impression of what I thought about the show. 

Netflix in the UAE – for Serious Food Lovers

Chefs Table

5 Volumes – Emy-nominated series where you get to meet culinary stars around the world who are redefining gourmet food with innovative dishes and tantalizing desserts. Each show focuses on one Chef and their cooking as well as an engaging story on their personal journey to success.  

  • Volume 1 : Massimo Bottura, Dan Barber, Francis Mallmann, Niki Nakayama, Ben Shewry, Magnus Nilsson.

    Volume 2 : Grant Achatz, Alex Atala, Dominique Creen, Enrique Olvera, Ana Roš, Gaggan Anand

    Volume 3 : Jeong Kwan, Vladimir Mukhin, Nancy Silverton, Ivan Orkin, Tim Raue, Virgilio Martinez.

    Volume 4 : (Pastry) Christina Tosi, Corrado Assenza, Jordi Roca, Will Goldfarb.

    Volumen 5 : Christine Martinez, Musa Dagdeviten, Bo Songvisava, Albert Adrià.

Really interesting to get an ‘up close and personal’ insight into the Chefs, their history and passions and the kitchens in which they work’. Each season is slightly different than the one before it, which keeps it interesting. Beautiful photography and mouthwatering dishes make this a must watch.

The Theatre of Life

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Salt Fat Acid Heat

Chef and food writer Samin Nosrat travels the world to explore four basic keys to wonderful cooking (Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat) and serves up some fabulous tips and meals along the way. Season 1 is in four episodes each devoted to one key area. The listing says it’s season 1 so hopefully season 2 will be along soon. You can read my review about Salt Fat Acid Heat HERE

Loved this series and really hoping that there’s another series to follow. I can really identify with Samin and was inspired to cook some of her recipes. Have added her book to my Christmas Wish List (more info in my review)

Martha Bakes

Seasons 5 and 6. Hosted by Martha Stewart delightful show for those who love to bake!. 

  • Season 5 focuses on a main ingredient for each episode with the following items being covered : Chocolate, Danish, Pulled Dough, Celebration Cakes, Dark Bakes, Coconut, Coffee, Green Tea, Fruit.
  • Season 6 focuses on different styles of baking including Fruit Curds, Doughnuts, Chocolate Ganache, Sponge Cake, Frangipane, white Bread, Cookies, Pizza Dough, One Bowl Desserts, Layered Yeast Dough, Pastry Cream (with Polish Kremowka, one of my all time favourites), French Meringue and finally press in crusts.

Martha’s style is classic and simple at it’s best. It’s easy watching with some lovely recipes as well as suggestions for simple tweaks. If you like baking, this is one for you. 

The Mind of a Chef 

The late Anthony Bourdain produces and narrates this five season series exploring the creative processes from International celebrity chefs and learns about what fuels their passion. Each

  • Season 1 – 16 Episodes. The season focusses on David Chang as he explore his friendships with Chef friends old and new, travels to Japan, Spain and the US as well as exploring various types of food and cooking styles.
  • Season 2 – Chef Sean Brock (episodes 1 – 8) and Chef April Bloomfield (episodes 9 to 16). Sean spends time traveling to Louisiana, and Senegal whilst exploring preservation methods, seeds and roots.   April focuses on British Classics, Italian Cuisine, Indian spices and some of her favorite ingredients.
  • Season 3  
Each series, is really interesting and full of passion. It’s a ‘gutsy’ show in the sense of big portions, hearty food experiences with friends and various culinary experts. Informative and fun, and equally mouthwateringly good.

Lords and Ladles

Three of Irelands top chefs – Derry Clarke, Catherine Fulvio and Paul Flynn – gather at opulent country manors to recreate banquets from the past over two seasons. Whilst the main focus is on the food, you get a glimpse of history and the present with visits to beautiful iconic and historic locations. Learn about food history and different culinary arts and dishes. The series showcases traditional recipes of the time (some not for the faint hearted) including, blood-marinated mutton, turtle soup, hedgehog and Lambs ears in béchamel sauce. 

Learn about culinary history in a really fun way, albeit some of the dishes are not for the faint hearted and I can’t see me being able to pick up all of the ingredients in my local supermarket!  


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For Grace

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Jeremiah Tower – the last Magnificent

Coming soon.

Jamie & Jimmy’s Food Fight Club (Seasons 3 and 4)

Jamie Oliver and Jimmy share their passion for food as well as various food issues in their pop up cafe.

  • Season 3 they cover topics of Wasted veggies, small eggs, sell-by dates, farm waste, wasted fish and squirrel meat. If you don’t love the serious side you might like the celebrity interaction as guests include Kate Hudson, Tinie Tempah, Huge Bonneville, Ellie Goulding, Michael Sheen and Palmoa Faith.
  • Season 4 includes goat meat, langoustines, wasted pork, bread, ugly fruit and veg, and herring. Celebs include Orlando Bloom, Goldie Hawn, David Tennant, Jack Whitehall, Anna Friel and Fearne Cotton.

Love the concept of the show particularly how Jamie chooses a subject and really sees how he can educate and change people’s minds and opinions about things which plays to his strengths. Easy to watch whilst doing something else (guilty of scrolling through social media during this one).

Netflix in the UAE – Food & Travel Shows

The Hairy Bikers Asian Adventure

Dave and Si head to the Far East visiting Hong Kong for street side stir fry, Thailand (Bangkok and central) for fab street food, Thailand (Beaches and Mountains) for Thai breakfast and pork in Chiang Mai.  Japan (Tokyo) for the famous Tsukiji fish market (before it was relocated). Japan – South to Kyoto where they cook with Zen Buddhist monks. Finally the guys head to South Korea for Korean Barbeque and a Spicy Octopus Stew.

I’m a massive fan of anything Hairy Biker related – the show not hairy bikers in general! Twenty percent travel stories, and eighty percent food! My kind of show. Their enthusiasm is infectious and enticing. Watch and drool!

The Hairy Bikers – Chicken & Eggs

The boys hop on their bikes and savor different delectable chicken and egg dishes around the world, dropping eggcellent puns along the way! Visiting the UK for roast chicken, France for soufflé, Morocco chicken tagine, USA for fried chicken and breakfast eggs. Israel is the spot for Shakshouka, shawarma and fried chicken, all of which I’ve recreated at home since watching the program, and UK Multicultural Britain for spicy Jerk Chicken and a quick cook Chicken Curry.

(psst if this series leaves you seriously hungry, you can find the recipes in their book and also you’ll find quite a lot of them on-line).

Continuing with their travels and food finds, this time with just two ingredients at the core. The episode about Israel had me entranced, it’s food that is familiar because of my time in the Middle East, but they manage to serve the dishes with a modern, healthy and colorful twist. I cooked two of the chicken dishes within days of watching the show.

Somebody Feed Phil 

  • First series Phil travels to Bangkok, Saigon, Tel Aviv, Lisbon, New Orleans and Mexico City.
  • Second Season takes him to Venice, Dublin, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Cape Town and New York.

Phil reminds me of an excitable kid when he eats! He’s clumsy, charming and engaging all at the same time. Through his show he manages to make me want to follow his trips, eat where he eats and engage with the locals like he does. My kind of travel! The video calls home are funny too!

Ugly Delicious (Season 1)

Chef David Chang and friends hunt out the most satisfying cross cultural grub. Episodes cover: Pizza – Brooklyn to Naples and Japan, Tacos from LA Food Trucks to Arab style taco joints and a pop up in Noma Mexico, Home Cooking with a Thanksgiving feats. Shrimp and Crawfish for Viet-Cajun cuisine. BBQ including the US barbecue, Peking duck, Yakitori and Korean BBQ. Fried Chicken  – Nashville hot chicken through to KFC (in China). Fried Rice with secret menu items  local delicacies and a lobster volcano. Finally onto Stuffed. Italian stuffed pasta v’s Asian dumplings.  

The Layover

The late Chef Anthony Bourdain  travels to America, Asia and Europe to learn about a place, the people and their food. The twist, he has to do this in only 24 to 48 hours. First stop Sao Paolo for nose to tail dining at Mocoto. Paris for coffee, shellfish and bread making. Dublin for sweetbreads and lamb as well as homely pork stew. Atlanta, for a ten o’clock burger. Taipei for ***. Seattle for artisan cheese, Chicago for great hot dogs. Toronto for poutine, Mexican takeout and a peameal bacon sandwich. Philadelphia for Israeli cuisine. Finally, New Orleans for fresh crab and shrimp and tacos from food trucks.

Food on the Go

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Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Road Trip

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