CoffeeCakesAndRunning My first ever 10k run/walk - MOVE!
Second 10 k

My first ever 10k run/walk – MOVE!

How quickly time flies ! – I’ve just received an email reminding me about picking up my race pack for the 10k which I’ve entered – it appears that the race is NEXT FRIDAY (27th Jan) – not months ahead of me as my mind seemed to think (slight denial going on) – anyway,  I’ll write about that another time.

This time last year I was getting really worried about running my first ever 10k – I say running in the very loosest of terms as I didn’t run all of it – in fact I didn’t run much of it – but thankfully can walk quite fast!  I entered as a fitness challenge to myself after losing a lot of weight & started out by half heartedly doing the C25k programme which I never completed – in the process I managed to fall off the treadmill, entertain everyone in the gym and skin my knees (very classy !)

Race day came around far too soon, but I got up super early, ate a banana and an energy bar, drank lots of water and walked to the race start which was conveniently close to the marina.  It took me a long time to find the very back of the queue of racers and from this point it took 15 minutes to cross the start line once the race began.

I can’t remember much of the run/walk – apart from – it was along the Beach Road and back again.  The fast runners set off at a pace that the rest of us could only dream of & I ended up walk/running with the people in fancy dress, the walkers and those who had generally under trained or over challenged their body (me included).  The thing I do remember is slowing down for the traffic lights and checking they were on green – which is bizarre given that the road was closed to traffic !

Anyway – I finished !! – I do remember crossing the line as fast as I could & overtaking another lady along the way – meaning I had a rubbish finishing picture as we were both in it (must remember that next time !)

Anyway – my time was 1 hour 17 mins and 45 seconds & I was still quite overweight then and a brunette (maybe I’ll tell you my story another time – all you need to know is I felt very light compared to when I started my weight loss journey)

So have I learnt my lesson for this year ? Who knows – what I do know is :

  • I have trained more : though much of it was on the comfort of a treadmill with some nice hot men to stare at as I trained (treadmill next to the pool at the Lakes !)
  • I’ve found some ‘feel good’ but ‘not too slow not too fast’ music for my iPhone !
  • My new training mantra is ‘long lean legs’ – so hopefully this should get me through !
  •  I WILL be faster than last year (hoping to break the 1 hour slot)
  • *I am lighter this year so the laws of physics & dynamics (or something similar) says I should be faster !
  • Oh – two bouts of tonsillitis in the last couple of weeks may have hindered my training a bit ….. c’est la vie !
  • (wish me luck & keep your fingers & toes crossed)
  • #NoPainNoGain

CoffeeCakesAndRunning My first ever 10k run/walk - MOVE! CoffeeCakesAndRunning My first ever 10k run/walk - MOVE!