CoffeeCakesAndRunning Lunch at Ruths Chris Steakhouse

Lunch at Ruths Chris Steakhouse

I was recently invited to visit Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse to sample their new lunch menu.   Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse is located at two venues – the Address Hotel in Dubai Marina and The H Hotel (formerly the Monarch) on Sheikh Zayed Road.

Having never dined at Ruth’s Chris before, I accepted the invite and arrived to meet a few other foodies at the restaurant in the H Hotel.  There were a few other diners in the restaurant whilst we were there and as the lunch service is relatively new, I guess it will take a while before word gets out and other diners are there too.

The seating is interesting, there are both smaller and larger tables, and I particularly liked the intimate booths towards the back of the venue which would be ideal for a cozy lunch or dinner for two.  There is also a nice bar area and a superb collection of wine on display around the restaurant.

Being typical foodies, although we each ordered individually we also shared and sampled other peoples selections too 🙂

CoffeeCakesAndRunning Lunch at Ruths Chris Steakhouse For starters I chose Pink Peppercorn and Sesame Crusted Ahi-Tuna which was served with saffron mayonnaise and a cucumber salad.  The tuna was beautifully fresh and presented well – personally I would have liked more saffron taste to come through on the mayonnaise and we all felt that the dish needed the addition of some sea salt to really set it off.  The cucumber salad, whilst looking beautiful on the plate, was too vinegary for my taste.

A fellow foodie had ordered the stuffed mushrooms which tasted stunning and I’ll definitely order again.  I’m not usually tempted to order stuffed mushrooms from a hotel menu because I make a mean stuffed mushroom myself but I will make an exception to these – they were stuffed with lump crab and covered with romano cheese and were a great explosion of complimentary flavours in my mouth – I loved them.

CoffeeCakesAndRunning Lunch at Ruths Chris Steakhouse My main course was Braised Short Ribs which were served with garlic mashed potatoes, bell peppers and onions and a drizzle of gravy.  The meat on the ribs was beautifully tender and melted in the mouth, the rich gravy, peppers and onions went well together and tasted great.  The mash had a very delicate garlic taste to it, personally I would have liked the mash to have more garlic in it to give it that extra kick – but maybe that’s just me and my love of all things garlic and of course, this is a lunchtime menu so maybe big bold garlic flavour is not appropriate 🙂

CoffeeCakesAndRunning Lunch at Ruths Chris Steakhouse For dessert we were served a selection of different desserts only one of which was from the lunch menu – this was the petite Chocolate Sin Cake which was rich indulgent slice of dark chocolate and espresso – it wasn’t as I expected as it was a rich thick mousse type affair rather than a cake as such.  I’m not a fan of dark chocolate so this wasn’t for me.

CoffeeCakesAndRunning Lunch at Ruths Chris Steakhouse I did however love the Cheesecake, which I’m told is a best seller and was rich and indulgent tasting, and also the Apple crumble pie from the main menu – with just a hint of cinnamon and served with a scoop of ice-cream this was comfort food at it’s best. The portions for the Cheesecake and Apple Crumble are huge and at a cost of 52/AED – they are definitely made for sharing or to take home with you when you are defeated 🙂

CoffeeCakesAndRunning Lunch at Ruths Chris Steakhouse Finishing off my meal with a beautiful skinny cappuccino I was told that the venue at the Address in the Marina is quite different than that in the H Hotel, so of course, I need to take a trip to the Marina and sample the menu all over again 🙂

The lunch menu allows you to order courses individually, or to take part in a promotion where any two courses are 99/AED, all 3 courses are 119/AED and with a choice of a glass of wine or beer for an additional 29/AED.

We were slightly surprised to find that there was no steak on the lunchtime menu, although this can be ordered off the main menu.The lunch menu has been recently launched and Ruth’s Chris are now open for lunch service between 12 noon and 4pm at both locations, Sunday – Thursday.

You can find out more about Ruth’s Chris Steak House on their website or on twitter.