CoffeeCakesAndRunning Lunch at Jones the Grocer

Lunch at Jones the Grocer

CoffeeCakesAndRunning Lunch at Jones the Grocer The other week a group of fellow foodies and I were invited to visit Jones the Grocer for lunch.  I’m a fan of Jones the Grocer already having visited them often for breakfast (you can read my review here). We each ordered our main course from the menu, and in addition were treated to a few assorted deli platters to start with.  I’m a big fan of sharing platters as they are a really great way to sample lots of different selections of food (choosing is always difficult for me as there is too much choice) and also they are great for conversation,  put a group of foodies together with a sharing platter and this is just a perfect combination, think foodie conversation meets good food – just perfect 🙂  We were treated to a variety of deli fish, meats and cheeses which were selected for us, but usually you can make your own selection from a fairly comprehensive menu.  My personal favourites included the Bresaola and Gravlax salmon and the rich creamy brie cheese with figs which I nibbled on along with some great crackers.   In addition to the platter we were also treated to a pumpkin feta and sun-dried tomato salad which was delicious and is something that I have ordered before, usually with the addition of chicken to make it a great main course.

CoffeeCakesAndRunning Lunch at Jones the Grocer My main course was the fillet of  beef which was cooked beautifully,  tender, soft and moist – topped with a rich garlicky butter this was truly a party of flavours in my mouth which I loved.  My side order of olive oil fries topped with Parmesan was also great – the fries were crispy whilst the Parmesan cheese added a real touch of indulgence in a kind of ‘naughty but nice’ way.

CoffeeCakesAndRunning Lunch at Jones the Grocer Almost full, but wanting to sample some desserts, we chose a platter of mini puddings to share – they are just perfect bite size portions enough to give you a sweet hit but without filling you up, you can choose your selection from the menu.  I sampled the lemon meringue which was great – the lemon was zesty and slightly tart which was offset by a rich and gooey meringue topping encased in a crispy pastry case.  Tempted by just one more thing from the menu, we also sampled the carrot cake.  I am a big fan of carrot cake, darker than most other carrot cakes that I have seen and I suspect they used treacle or molasses in the recipe to get this rich deep colour, but the cake itself was moist, rich and flavoursome with great cream cheese filling – it’s certainly something I will order again.

CoffeeCakesAndRunning Lunch at Jones the Grocer After all of the great food we sampled, there was time to take a wander around the perimeter of the store, where you can find a whole host of products and produce to take home with you.  There is a large walk in cheese room, a wide range of desserts and fresh baked bread (the sour dough and fruit bread are a regular buy), ice-creams, coffee, chocolate and lots of great olive oils and vinegars etc.  My personal favourite is the smoked salmon from Salmontini which I discovered at the International Fine Food Festival and is stocked at Jones the Grocer.  There are also a few gadgets to buy, in particular I took a look at the coffee ones and I have to admit to having my eye on a coffee syphon for the pure theatre of making the coffee 🙂

CoffeeCakesAndRunning Lunch at Jones the Grocer If you are struggling to think of what to buy people for gifts, then Jones the Grocer also offer a hamper service and I have to admit that maybe I’ll treat myself to one of these for Christmas 🙂   They also do cooking classes and I just might have to treat myself to one of these too…….  Oh and some Salmontini salmon and some macaroons, the carrot cake, desserts, fruit bread, creamy brie …… Yes ! The list goes on and on – Jones the Grocer you tempt me too much 🙂

Jones the Grocer are located on the Service Road on Sheikh Zayed Road, between Al Manara and Al Thanya – on the opposite side to Times Square and they are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  You can find them on their international website here.