CoffeeCakesAndRunning Live with Intention.....

Live with Intention…..

Every now and again, something happens which makes you pause, take a break from everyday life and reflect.  I had such a moment yesterday when I found out that someone who I had only met briefly had died unexpectedly.

I didn’t know this person well, but I know that his death has devastated all of his friends and family and that he had made an impact on so many people’s lives both here in Dubai and wherever he traveled.

When I last met him, he was having a great time, indulging in some fine food and drinks and enjoying the perfect weather in Dubai.  Sadly he had to leave early, as he had another engagement to go to, I’m told this was typical of him – he had lots of friends, lots to do and was always packing in activities that he enjoyed.

He will be missed greatly by everyone who knew him and will leave a gap in many people’s lives. Whilst I only met him briefly, finding out that he had died just a few hours after I met him, made me stop and reflect.

Last night I shed a quick tear, raised a glass of something sparkly and had a thoughtful evening and then glanced up in my room and saw a card which a dear friend gave me late last year when I was going through a period of change.  The card was a quote by Mary Anne Radmacher titled “Live with Intention”

Here’s to Trevor, who lived with intention and to all of us out there who need to do just that.

“Live with intention, Walk to the Edge. Listen hard. Practice Wellness. Play with Abandon. Laugh. Choose with No Regret. Continue to Learn. Appreciate your Friends.  Do what you Love, Live as if this is all there is” Mary Anne Radmacher