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Limitless Supplements – Tried & Tested

Limitless Supplements

The Limitless team provided us with protein shake powder and protein bars during the twelve week program. Since we were exercising a lot it was important to pay attention to the intake of protein that we had and the shakes in particular were of great help to me.

Tried & Tested

Limitless 100% Natural Indulgent Dutch Chocolate Whey Protein Concentrate 

Really loved this protein powder, it was easy to shake with a hand shaker and it was one that I often had ‘on the run’ in the car after a workout (can someone please invent a car blender please). The shake is not too sweet and I often just blend it with iced coffee and a little extra water.

Each serving gives 24g of protein, is low in calories (119 cals) and carbs (2g’s), tastes great and is gluten free.

Empower Natural Protein Bar 

Comes in 2 flavors; chocolate crunch and banana caramel, and two sizes; 60g & 30g. Both bars tasted great and didn’t have that chemical after taste which some protein bars do. I personally used these occasionally before or after training when I needed to have.a portable snack with me. Alternatively I chopped the bars into bite sized pieces and stored in the fridge for snacking on when I had a sweet craving.

The 60g bar has 20g of protein (252 cals, 17g carbs) and the 30g bar has 10g (128 cals and 10g carbs). The bars are natural, high protein, gmo free, gluten free and palm oil free. Higher in carbs than the protein shakes, these were not an every day choice for me as I was trying to keep my carbs on the low side.




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