CoffeeCakesAndRunning Legs, Bums and Tums at MMA Fitness Center

Legs, Bums and Tums at MMA Fitness Center

As you know I’m always looking at ways of challenging myself and trying new things with regards to exercise.  Having recently bought a full membership at MMA Fitness Center I decided to try an LBT class. The great thing about my membership is that all the classes are included in the price, so you can try anything and yes, I probably will !!

I was a bit skeptical about LBT classes, if I’m completely honest it sounded very much like a bit of ‘deja vue’ as I did LBT classes a long time ago.  You might know the classes?  – they were usually hosted in cold and miserable village halls and community centres back in the UK usually slotted in between ‘Fat Fighters’ ‘Ballroom Dancing’ or following on after ‘Quiltmaking’ class or such!   I used to go to these classes and didn’t really take it seriously – often a group of pals and I would do the class before a quick change of clothes (out of my shiny lycra tights and leotards – oh how lovely we must have looked!) and then we’d nip out to the pub for a few drinks and a meal and consume a billion more calories than the few we had burnt off. If I’m honest I saw it as the warm up to our night out  rather than formal exercise. Perfect ‘girl’ logic !

LBT at MMA is quite a different experience compared to my village hall memories and so much better as it’s a more a high energy/intensity class.  Our instructor, Adam Kechil, explained that whilst we were working on the three main areas – Legs, Bums and Tums, the class works very much on repeating exercises in sets of eight – sometimes you repeat four times, some for six and some – (the ones that really kill) – are repeated eight times !  The entire class is done to fast dance music – which I love – as it keeps you working hard as you move to the beat. Prior to each set of exercises, Adam explained what we were going to do and why we were doing an exercise in a particular way, which helps your understanding of what’s coming next.

Firstly we started with some cardio exercises focusing on the three areas we were going to concentrate on – Legs, Bums & Tums. Think squats, starjumps etc.  This was fun as I’m quite a fan of exercise where you have to get your heart-rate up.

Then we move to the floor for some ab work.  Sounds easy huh? But it wasn’t and I have a reasonably strong core from my pilates!  Every part of our core was tested and worked hard – we did multiple repetitions of exercises which were designed not only to work our top, middle and bottom sections of our  abdominal muscles but also a lot of attention was focused on working on our obliques (side muscles) and strengthening our core by getting a strong back too.  There was plenty of groaning and moaning from us as we neared the end of each set of repetitions as we often worked to the point of muscle fatigue.

The second part of the floor work focused on legs and bums – we did some killer leg raise and extension exercises and quite frankly – we felt the burn, in that we worked our legs and butts to fatigue which is hard at the time and a bit of a killer.  My motto of No Pain No Gain is really applicable here !!  Thinking positive thoughts, with my new mantra for this class “long lean legs and a beautiful butt” – helped me greatly during these sets !! Surely if you say it enough and do the exercise it will come true??

Throughout the class when I’m working hard I try and distract myself by counting the number of reps left or completed.  This class was no different and towards the end of quite a few of the sets I found myself kind of groaning out load in a ‘I’m in pain – time to stop way’ !! – I swear the Instructor is deaf as he didn’t seem to respond to this at all and just kept counting and shouting at us to work harder !! – which is exactly what you need and what gets results !!

Would I do it again ? Yes, – it’s more ‘hard core’ than I imagined it would be and as a result of this I’m sure it will continue to help shape and tone me up and strengthen my core.  Conveniently the class is schedule to run immediately prior to some of the Boxercise and Club Energize classes which I already attend so I’ll do LBT before these classes and get an extra calorie burn.

Sweat Factor – yes – it’s a sweaty one due to the intensity of the exercises and the fact that you take minimal rests in between sets – but it’s not too bad compared to some of the other classes

Calories : I estimate about 300 – I didn’t reset my watch – but burned 850 for LBT and Boxercise – so it’s a great burn too.

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*you may recognise Adam from local TV out here (PhysiqueTV and his popular car show IN GEAR) and for his regular work for better Road Safety and Advanced Driving skills through the Institute of Advanced Drivers.