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KO8 – Tried & Tested – Awesome functional training

KO8 Fitness

Tried & Tested

It’s week eight of Switch 360 and we are moving into Phase Three of the program. First up is a new boot camp with a company called KO8. I’ve never heard of KO8 before so don’t really know what to expect.  We are meeting at the Calisthenics Park which is next to Skydive Dubai. If you haven’t been to the Calisthenics Park before do check it out. It’s an awesome outdoor space which is completely free to use and is a mixture of different Calisthenics equipment. There’s a small running track, ropes, ladders, types, suspension rigs and a lot more. Each evening the park is full of a whole range of different people from those training on their own through to large boot camps. The Dubai skyline is behind us, the marina with a welcome breeze runs along the Park and behind us is Skydive and of course views of the guys parachuting down – it’s an awesome site and has a community feel.  The first session is dedicated to just the Switch team which his awesome especially as we don’t know what to expect.

KO8 – Boot camp

Our first boot camp is a revelation! I absolutely love it!

After warming up we start using the KO8 system which for tonight is attached to a bar above us and we are training in a line so that we are all working next to each other.  The KO8 is a clever piece of kit (details below) which allows us to work with suspension so it’s like a TRX and then when you release the suspension part of it, you can work with varying levels of resistance.  The great thing is that the equipment and exercise can be altered to suit all of us. I’m training along with Phil and Kevin who are both super fit and we are all able to do the same exercises alongside each other, albeit with different levels of intensity, resistance and slight changes. We work with the K08 system and a few pieces of kit from the Park. The trainer, Sean is amazing and no I don’t have a trainer crush, it’s just that his style and workout is one of the most inspiring sessions I’ve done in a long, long time! He’s motivating, extremely supportive and encouraging as well as managing to keep us interested and engaged for the session. PS – he also has eyes in the back of his head, so absolutely NO slacking is allowed LOLS.

It’s difficult to put in words how I feel about this training, particularly as I’m writing this a while after the train, but do watch my first KO8 video (below) where I am on an absolute high after the workout.

Probably one of the most awesome bootcamps I’ve ever done!

Switching It Up

As part of the Switch 360 program we return to do KO8 Bootcamp four more times, and each time the workouts are different, fun, challenging and just as important progressive.  Some of the sessions feature repeats of exercises that we’ve done earlier, but the great thing is that because of the varying resistance and body positions that you can use with the KO8, the intensity is increased and the workout continues to be challenging. Over the course of the five weeks, it’s also great to see some progress in terms of my fitness and mobility. Of course, I’m still very much ‘work in progress’ with this, but all the same it’s great to see that the training keeps me interested, focussed, challenged and feeling that I’m also making progress. Not to mention the high “whoop, whoop” feeling that I have at the end of each session, I really leave feeling exhausted but energised which I love.

I should say that the sessions are not easy! If I wanted easy I would be on my coach watching YouTube! Instead I  I’m impressed at how much of a cardio workout we get as well as a strength and functional movement workout and oh so much more. Each bootcamp is different, but in general terms you could say that usually we do two or three sets of each exercise for a duration of 60 seconds or 45 seconds with minimal rest time. Each set of exercises concentrate on a specific body area e.g. legs, arms, shoulders, abs etc. Interval training for this period, doesn’t sound too long or too hard, but boy oh boy when you are working out like this you really feel it!  As well as the KO8 kit, we also do body weight exercises, flip tires (love that by the way), pull tires (ouch!), jump over things, do a tonne of burpees (hate those!) and do boxing intervals which I also love, but have to say it’s an intense three minutes of killer moves! No class is ever the same which again keeps me challenged!

By now, you must have gathered that the KO8 training is a favorite of mine and one that I’m pretty passionate about! In fact as my blog name doesn’t fit what I do so much these days (no running!) perhaps I should change it to Coffee, Cakes and KO8! has a nice ring to it don’t you think? LOLS

KO8 meets X-Rig

For two of the sessions we were joined by Franky from X-Rig who brings along his portable X Rig which becomes a central and integral part of the training session. The X-Rig comes in a few kit bags and takes literally a few minutes to set up and dismantle. Using the X-Rig and K08 means you can literally train anywhere even if there is nowhere around to attach the KO8 to.

The X-Rig allows us to train on, under and around the X-Rig and the KO8 kit attaches to it easily. Workouts with Franky, Sean and Kieran (also from KO8) are fun, hard, intense and challenging. For the first time (ever, well maybe when I was ten!) I hang from the rig and do a few assisted pull-ups which is something I thought I’d never be able to do, there’s also some bars so you can do dips which are equally hard but challenging. Kevin and Phil get a more intense workout on the X-Rig as I feel that it plays more to their strengths (literally), whilst I find some of the moves really hard and beyond what my muscles and bodyweight will allow me to do at this point in my training – no worry though, as we work around the X-Rig in a circular fashion so there are always exercises that are a bit better suited to my physical limitations.

What is the KO8?

KO8 is the most versatile piece of exercise equipment you can get your hands on. No need for tons of kit, you can now do 99% of exercises with one complete system and the best part is… you can use it ANYWHERE! Full Suspension, Harness, and 6-72kg of adjustable Resistance all rolled into one! – KO8


The X-Rig is the worlds first lightweight portable fitness Rig.  Designed by former Commando Training Sergeant Franky Spencer.  The X-Rig is a 1 man portable rig than can be fast assembled in under 3 mins and folded away in less than 60 seconds. Once erected in can deliver multiple exercises for 6 – 100 kg guys at any one time. It can be utilised as the central feature for a group of 24 students. It’s ideal for Boot Camps, PT or any gym or person who wants to train at any location at any time. – X-Rig


Yes! Yes! Yes!

In fact I’ve continued to train with the K08 team ever since and am a complete advocate of their training methods. I absolutely love that no workout is ever the same, each time I’m more challenged and can feel and see the difference in terms of my fitness and flexibility. I train on average 2-3 nights per week using KO8 and love it! There’s a real sense of community training with different people at the bootcamp from those who are super fit through to those who are just starting their training (even one of my friends has started to train with KO8 too). I love training outdoors with the team and love the Calisthenics site – though it is now getting a tad too hot so I think they are taking the classes indoors for the rest of the summer.

I’m hugely motivated by watching the KO8 channel on YouTube to see just how progressively hard the workouts can be to continually challenge me and my fitness. Do take a look at their channel, the KO8 kit is used by some serious celebrities (think sports pros through to top models) who are at the top of their game in terms of fitness and conditioning.

  • Want to train alone? Then you can buy your very own KO8 and train at home when you travel or literally wherever you want to as long as you have something to anchor it to or someone :).
  • Want to train and be transformed – they have a great on-line package called KO8 Week Body that comes with 30 hours of online training, support and a nutrition program.
  • Training alone or boot camp, not your thing? The KO8 team also do personal training sessions.
  • Want to take it up a level? you can get qualified to be a KO8 Trainer and get KO8 certified with their Functional Movement Certification
  • Want to go on holiday, learn some new training skills, eat well, be pampered yet train? – then the KO8 retreat in Thailand could be just the right thing for you! – check out their Retreat video it looks awesome! This is definitely one for my fitness bucket list 🙂
  • There is literally something for everyone – even for the couch potatoes – just watch their YouTube channel and get inspired!

Thanks to Sean, Kieran, Switch Dxb, Frankie and the rest of the KO8 team for helping me find ways to Live Better and Train!

Please note this is not a sponsored or paid for post in any way, I’m just endorsing a company whose products and services I am really passionate about.

KO8 Fitness

The most versatile piece of performance kit you can buy. Our philosophy on being able to train anywhere/anytime and make full use of our surroundings is what created the KO8 bands, and what has driven us to supply you with all the tools needed to get in the shape of your life no matter what your starting level of fitness may be.

With the range of resistance settings from beginner to super advanced our workouts will test the hardcore housewives to elite athletes. And we will be with you every step of the way through our online tutorials, which contains 6 workouts, plus videos online that will be constantly updated each week.

No more excuses, no more doubt, this is your time!

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The KO8 Tribe arrives in the Land of Smiles this Summer for the start of a series of KO8 Escapes and we invite you to join us for one week of body transformational, mind-empowering, boot camp-style, immersive fitness at Absolute Twin Sands Resort & Spa, Phuket, Thailand.

The jungles, beaches, seascapes, rooftops, poolsides and Muay Thai spaces of Phuket will become our training ground, we will sleep like Kings and Queens in luxury suites and experience the unique culture of Thailand, and in partnership with the team at 180º Wellness Asia, you will return home ready to take on the world, looking and feeling your best self.