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Klayya – Emirati Bakery and Sweets

I read a recent review of Klayya on Dubai Confidential website (here) and wanted to check this out myself since it’s close to my house and the review sounded interesting, in addition, I’ve not yet sampled much Emirati food since arriving here three years ago (I’m embarrassed to say).

Klayya is situated on the first floor of Al Barsha Mall – if I’m honest, I’ve walked past it a few times and was never sure if it was open or not – it still has that feel about it and when I visited today it was empty.  The decor reminds me a bit of Shakespeares with an Arabic/french and modern twist with some lovely large paintings on the walls and it’s a lovely bright and light shop.

Feeling in an experimental mood I sampled lots of different breads and spreads. arabic pastries and drinks trying to stick to the Emirati/Arabic side of the menu although regular coffees are available as are more traditional egg based type breakfasts which are all served with arabic bread.

The breakfast bread and spread concept is that you choose your bread type (there are 6 in total) and with each one you choose your spread (9 choices ranging sweet to savoury – from zaatar through to nutella !).  The breads are served all at once in a large silver ornate container on top of to each other which is a little confusing as I was expecting the breads to come out with a selection of spreads to be added, however the spreads come already inserted into the bread or folded into the bread pancake style and they need a little investigation to figure out which is which.

6 breads with 6 spreads costs a very reasonable 30AED so it’s worth experimenting to see what you like and don’t.

Here’s some of the combinations tried :

  • Khameer with Zaatar
  • Chebab with Dibba
  • Muhalla with cheese & egg
  • Khameer with Nutella
  • Regag with Lebnah
  • Chebab with Honey

Personal favourites were Chebab with Dibba (It’s like a small american pancake with date syrup) and Khameer with Nutella (Khameer is an Emirati bread which is sort of sweet and savoury at the same time).

Drink wise I sampled traditional Arabic coffeee (Gahwar) which is favoured with cardamon, Saffron Haleeb (Saffron infused milk) which is sweet and lovely, Haleeb Kastar which is a rich sweet custard milk drink with chia seeds and also Karak Shindagha which was a sweet spiced tea.

Also sampled was a small plate of arabic biscuits which were lovely and are baked on site (my personal favourite was a dark chocolate tart and the pistachio biscuit), as well as an order of Lgaimat which are crispy Emirati dumplings served with date syrup (think tiny little doughnut balls and you won’t go far wrong)

The entire bill for all of this sampling all of the above came to 80AED so it’s very reasonable (and if I’m honest this was quite a sampling spread).  The more ‘european’ type side of the menu is more expensive.

Klayya are currently undergoing a slight renovation, and this is evidenced as some of the wall fittings are still on the floor.  They are also operating a reduced menu apparently which mainly consists of breakfast items (available all day) hot and cold drinks, arabic pastries and sweets.


Unfortunately the waiter was quite new, so whilst he was extremely helpful and attentive he didn’t know much about the menu or the sweets and wasn’t able to tell me much about the food (though I am sure this will change) – however this wouldn’t deter me from going back as I really enjoyed being able to sample the different options available and am sure guests would appreciate trying something a little different than their usual breakfast choices.

It’s also quite close to my gym in Tecom, so I feel that a quick trip may take place before or after my gym session too given the reasonable prices.

Klayya Emarati bakery with an eclectic touch! Telephone:0097143255335

Al Barsha Mall  or follow them on twitter :