CoffeeCakesAndRunning Kilimanjaro | Summit to the Roof of Africa

Kilimanjaro | Summit to the Roof of Africa

Well – the title says it all – on 31st August I and the rest of the Di Moja team (the name we gave our little group of 12) reached the summit of Mt KilimanjaroWoop, Woop !!

I’ll write a fuller post about the trip soon (am currently relaxing in Zanzibar) but here are a few bits of information about our climb :

  • We started the summit walk at 12 midnight on 30th Aug
  • We reached the summit at 7.35 am after a 7k near vertical climb
  • The summit is done at night so you can take advantage of the frozen scree – its much harder to do when it’s not frozen
  • At the top of the climb our guides had thoughtfully carried a jug of hot lemon tea which tasted amazing 🙂
  • All of our group reached the summit – some had altitude sickness and others did not
  • I didn’t get altitude sickness per se (I had been taking Diamox) but did have a couple of hours of ‘clumsy’ climbing when despite all my best efforts I was just clumsy and couldn’t focus – maybe this was the altitude, maybe it was lack of nutrition etc – I’m not sure – but thankfully I wasn’t throwing up or suffering from a terrible headache which is what I had envisaged
  • During the climb our water froze, as did all of my snacks – frozen cereal bar anyone ? LOL – it did take a bit longer to eat than usual
  • My sweets containing ground coffee helped a lot as dig a huge coffee press full of coffee before we started our climbing (Aeropress anyone?)
  • We spent about 30 minutes at the summit before starting a near vertical climb down to our camp for a quick nap and lunch and then a further descent to Millennium Camp
  • I had a quick kickboxing session with my guide Bruce at the Stella Point – we both regretted this as the air was so thin we were out of breath very quickly LOL

Here’s a pic of me at the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro called Uhuru Peak – I’m  wearing the ridiculous looking (but oh so warm) hat 🙂  Believe you me – fashion goes out the window over warmth for me any day !

CoffeeCakesAndRunning Kilimanjaro | Summit to the Roof of Africa
Summit of Kilimanjaro
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