CoffeeCakesAndRunning Philippines | Cebu City Tour

Philippines | Cebu City Tour

A short 60 minute flight from Manila takes us to the beautiful island of Cebu, famous for it’s beautiful beaches and diving. But there’s so much more to Cebu than first meets the eye, or should I say at first glimpse of the guidebook.

The Alegre Guitar Factory allows you to see a whole range of guitars being crafted by hand from a variety of different woods. If you are lucky (or should I say unlucky), your guide will try and serenade you whilst playing one of the guitars whilst you figure out how big your smile and clap should be at the end LOL – to be fair our guide wasn’t too bad. If guitars are your thing, then you can buy one here and bring it home with you too since the factory hosts a large shop.

Lunch was at Pino restaurant in Lahug for lunch where I got to taste Maja Blanca which is now a firm favourite Filipino dessert for me, as well as to sample the iced tea with jelly in it, which was ok and reminded me of a childhood drink.

After lunch we visited a Taoist temple which was situated in an area called Beverley Hills as well as the Kenneth Cobonpue showroom (see separate article)

We also visited Magellans Cross, Basilica Del Santo Nino Church and took a quick drive around the Heritage Monument, Colon Street and Fort San Pedro.

A quick detour takes us to an area where you can buy dried fish, and I got to have a look at so many types of dried fish, most of which I’ve never seen before, but are a staple part of the Filipino dining scene.

The final part of our tour took us to Sky Experience where we got to do the Skywalk. Dressed in orange jumpsuits, so not my colour, and reminiscent of a scene from ‘Orange is the New Black’ we were harnessed up and then clipped to a safety system before walking around the outside of the building on a walkway, a mere 126 metres above the ground (which felt like at least 7 miles high when you are outside and feeling vulnerable), we were able to enjoy beautiful views of Cebu as the sun was setting as well as to pose for some dramatic photos.

Warning : This section talks about pork for my Muslim readers

Dinner was at Zubuchon famous for it’s Lechon (whole roasted pig) which was featured in No Reservations by Anthony Bourdain where he rated it as the ‘the world’s best’ – I feel I need to travel and taste more to see if I agree with him, but this was pretty good. Served with simple accompaniments of vinegar, hot chillies and soy sauce, it tasted pretty good to me as did the other dishes which our guides chose for us.

The final part of our day was a short drive to our hotel, the Shangri-La Mactan Resort where we checked into our rooms after a very long day and I have to say that sleep eluded me for all of about 0.2 seconds as I snuggled into a beautiful comfortable bed with lovely fresh white linen.