CoffeeCakesAndRunning Jamaica Blue - I love you !

Jamaica Blue – I love you !

Had a lovely breakfast meet up this morning with a pal from Abu Dhabi.

We met up at Jamaica Blue which is my favourite coffee shop (so far) at Ibn Battuta Mall.  If you don’t know where it is – it’s opposite Starbucks and Faces at the Carrefour end of the mall.

I had a skinny latte – extra hot – which was great – just the right amount of creaminess and loveliness and served piping hot as requested.  Its served in a nice coffee glass with a nice leaf and heart design swirled into the foam (those guys are so clever !)

I also had a breakfast frittata which was great and gave me a good serving of protein for my first meal of the day.  I’m a bit of a protein freak for breakfast and if it’s got eggs in – it’s good.  Since I cook lots of omelettes/scrambled eggs at home it’s always nice to try something different when I’m out.

The frittata is surrounded by a layer of crispy turkey bacon (ok I know it’s not the real thing – but it’s close enough) – then is like a mini crustless quiche in the middle with tomatoes and potato with a baked egg on the top.  I do make these at home every now and again – but they are never quite the same as the ones in Jamaica Blue – BUT – they usually have pork bacon which is always a good treat to eat!

When I’m not protein loading – I usually have either their scones with cream and jam or they do a really great carrot and sultana cake which is served with yogurt and honey.  I don’t have a large appetite so usually eat half and bring half home and at only AED 12 – it’s a bargain as I get two meals out of that.

I’ve had the carrot cake there too but think that’s fairly unremarkable.  Hubby has had the pancake stack which looked great – but too sweet for me.