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Indo Thai at Radisson Royal

Here’s a place that ends the question “Indian or Thai?” for dinner tonight.  Indo Thai, an Asian restaurant located in the Radisson Royal Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road offers a menu offering both Indian and Thai food along with a few Vietnamese and Indonesian dishes too.  With head chefs from India and Thailand Indo Thai sounded like a great option as I’m a lover of both cuisines having travelled extensively to both countries.

First impressions of the restaurant are good, the restaurant is spacious and light and decorated  with many indian and thai inspired pieces of artwork there’s even a decorative piece in the bar area which takes me back to my trip to Vietnam and Cambodia.  The restaurant is a reasonable size, but is split up into a few different dining areas and private dining options which make it an attractive place to dine for groups and smaller parties.  We were seated next to the window with a great view looking down on Sheikh Zayed Road.

The staff are attentive, and knowledgeable and explain the menu and the wine list with a enthusiasm.  Our waiter is from Kerala and explains that he’s tasted all of the dishes on the menu and he makes some great recommendations of what dishes we should try.  The deputy manager is extremely knowledgeable about the wine list and makes some great recommendations as well as engaging in some wine talk with my ‘knows a bit about wine’ plus one.

Our Asian foodie tour starts with our starter where we choose Chicken Pandan from Thailand as well as Aloo Chaat from India.  The Chicken was juicy, flavourful and succulent whilst the cold starter of Chaat was good but personally I would have preferred it to be a bit more spicy, I like my food spicy having what my friends describe as an ‘Indian palate for spice’.

Moving onwards, our menu travel inspired journey took us once again to Thailand where we ordered Soft shell crab in yellow curry and then to Vietnam where we ordered Grilled King Prawns.   The Thai Yellow curry was exceptional, I love crab, but often find it tedious to tackle, however this soft shelled crab cooked in a Wok with a tasty yellow curry sauce was delicious and we quickly finished off this dish with gusto asking for more sauce which was eaten enthusiastically mopped up by some naan bread. This is definitely on my ‘to order again list’ and it was so good that maybe next time I won’t share !!  The prawns were juicy and succulent and expertly cooked.

Moving onto dessert which we took in the bar area, we shared a new dish which I have not had before called Pumpkin Custard.  Baked in butternut squash, the centre was a rich indulgent set coconut milk custard which was a great filling to the butternut squash but I would imagine would do great turned into a rich creme brûlée too.  Described as a healthier and low calorie version of pumpkin custard Thai style, it was unusual, sweet and beautifully presented.

After dessert, we took a trip up to the 51st floor to visit the bar which is part of  Icho restaurant and bar  area where the Caipirinias were amazing as was the knowledge of the staff who were both friendly and knowledgeable.  The view from here is stunning and it’s definately somewhere I will return to. I would also want to return to visit the restaurant which serves sushi, teppanyaki, and some Japanese dishes too spread over the 50th and 51st floors which looked like an interesting dining experience.


Venue: Celsius, at the Radisson Royal Hotel Dubai

Offer:  Traditional Iftar buffet

Iftar buffet selected from traditional Arabic dishes and international offerings. Includes Arabic juices, Ramadan drinks, coffee and tea selections and Camel milk delicacies.

Cost 155 AED per person inclusive of soft beverages, traditional Arabic juices, coffee and tea. Children are below the age of 6 will dine for free and children are from 7 to 12 years old will eat for %50 off.

Iftar and Sahoor menus are available for small to medium size groups, for corporate Ramadan events.

Reservations details: 04 308 0550

Disclaimer : Radisson Royal extended an invite for me and my guest to dine with them.  All drinks were purchased by myself and guest,  all opinions stated are my own based on my experience. 


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