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I’m Back ! From the Heart

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will have noticed that I took a bit of a break from blogging, tweeting and contact on most things and with most people for most of Dec and Jan.  In short I took a little break from social media whilst a few major changes took place in my life.  Whilst dealing with this, I needed to take time for me and to focus on putting my positive energy into the changes and new adjustments.

I’m not going to blog about the changes now, and maybe I never will, but be assured I’m fine, I’m adjusting and all is well with me physically and emotionally.

The changes which have happened, and were instigated by me, are for the best long term and I’m thankful that I had the support of some great Dubai friends and my family over the last few months who have helped me through some difficult times, given me inspiration about the future and been there when I needed to shed a tear or two or just needed a hug. I also took comfort in the fact that lots of friends and twitter acquaintances checked up on me during this time and said they were missing me, or my posts, tweets etc – that meant a lot.  Respect, also to those who knew me well enough to leave me alone during this time – I knew I could call you or contact you if I needed.

Despite what you may think from my tweets and blogs, mostly I’m a private person when it comes to emotions and some personal areas in my life – and as such I didn’t feel the need to tweet about the changes, to chat to everyone about them or to blog about them, indeed sometimes I barely had the energy to survive through a day – the changes took their toll on my physically and emotionally.  But those days are over, I’m living in the now and enjoying a renewed passion for life.

In summary – I’m back, I’m re-energized and will be blogging, tweeting and using other areas of social media again – albeit maybe not as much as I was before !  Quality not Quantity maybe ?

Lesson Learned – you know you are addicted to BBM and Twitter  when your fellow trekkers send you many pictures of you wandering around various campsites whilst climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, always out of breath (I never walked slowly in camp!) with my mobiles in hand (Apple and Blackberry) always trying to get a decent signal to blog, tweet or beep about my progress and keep in touch with you guys LOL

Thanks for your support – you guys ROCK

Bring on 2013 – Let’s Kick It Up A Gear