CoffeeCakesAndRunning I don't celebrate Thanksgiving but I'm Thankful

I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but I’m Thankful

Today is Thanksgiving and my twitter timeline is going mad with everyone wishing each other happy Thanksgiving. Secondary to that are promotions and invites for Thanksgiving celebrations.  I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving as such but this year I am particularly Thankful…

Earlier this week my family received some bad news, the type that means that things will never be the same again. The sort of news that no family wants to receive and which stops you in your tracks and makes you really think ! How often do we say that – we need thinking time, but do we really stop and take time to think ? This week I did and I’m sure there will be lots more thinking time ahead as the outcome of this news will surely end with some extremely dark days and times ahead. Things seem to be  worse because I’m not at home and am trying to be supportive, help as best as I can and be there for everyone involved even though I’m miles away and on a different time zone.  When things go wrong the usual thing is to give someone a hug, stroke their back and tell them it will be ok, I can’t do this at the moment and it hurts, a lot.   I don’t want to dwell on the issue as it’s raw, painful and private to my family, but what the real thinking time has done is meant that I’ve had time to appreciate what I have  and in no particular order :

I’m Thankful

  • That I have a fantastic family who, even though we are miles apart, are strong, resilient, and determined to be positive.
  • That I have a strong support system here in Dubai, people who give me a big hug when I need it, who provide a shoulder to cry on when things get tough, who let deadlines slip when they can see I’m distracted, and who don’t mind when I cancel plans at the last minute (sorry !)
  • I am in good health (sure my knees are a bit dodgy at the moment and I can’t train at the gym, but they work and that’s all they need them to do)
  • That I can afford to live in a nice place and pay my bills – just
  • That I have clean water to drink, unpolluted air to breath, can walk on the beach with sand between my toes everyday if i choose to – I’m happiest at the beach or by water, it’s truly my “Happy place”
  • That I’m working on things that I enjoy working on and can deal with the financial sacrifices that come with it
  • That every day is a new day full of opportunities and new encounters
  • That I get to travel, eat out, meet new people do new things, all because of this blog
  • That I can express myself here, in my own space openly and that this place provides a piece of solitude and peace that I need
  •  That I’m working my way through life’s ups and downs – learning and growing through trial and error, living, loving, laughing and occasionally crying, or sinking into a corner with a big bar of chocolate thinking it will solve everything (old habits die hard)
  • Most importantly and above all of the above I’m thankful that I’m me.

What are you thankful for today ?