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As I bite into the crisp outer shell of the crumbly, crisp, flakey pastry which is balanced between my fingers, the rich chocolate filling oozes out and almost runs down my chin, acting quickly, as I don’t want to miss this mouthful of oozing molten chocolate,  and with a quick flick of my tongue which moves at a lightening speed,  I manage to scoop the delicious oozing warm chocolate halawa and pistachio filling safely into my mouth where I savour deep chocolate richness on my tongue a rich and tasty partner paired with the crunchy, crisp,  rich and indulgent pastry.  Simple, moreish and delicious are just a few words which I use to describe the plate of Choco Halawa Helios in front of me.  This isn’t a dish where you can nibble around the edges delicately, its one where you need to tuck in heartily, eat with gusto, relish in the enjoyment of the textures and flavours and then go run a 10k later, for this is not a treat for the calorie conscious, but boy does it taste good.


The dish I’m describing is a dish called The Helios which is essentially an adaption of Fiteer one of the most popular Egyptian dishes.  Baked fresh to order on the premises Helios come in fun bite size pieces and in a range of fillings both sweet and savoury. The fillings are designed to suit all tastes including vegetarian.  I fell in love with both sweet and savoury dishes with the Beef and Beans (egyptian foul with minced beef) and Choco-Halawa (Semi Dark chocolate melted in Halawa with pistachio) being my favourites, although I also have a soft spot for the Almond Helio too.

We were treated to a demonstration of how these lovely treats are made by the fantastic pastry Chef Takrori a lovely chef who was a deft hand at making perfect Helios one after the other, each one consistent in size and made after many years of practice. Here’s a video of the lovely man at work :-


The Helio’s are the brainchild of Chef Joe Barza, who you may have seen on TV, and were developed to offer a twist on Egyptian traditional cuisine.  The whole menu is inspired on shareable favourites  in this lovely marina venue which is designed to be a place where guests are invited to drop by, dine-in and hang out.  The location is stunning, it over looks the marina with a great outdoor space to chill and relax, eat and smoke shisha.  I’m told there are other activities too including karaoke and sports on the outdoor screens.

This is a great venue, there are new innovative and dare I say fusion fun dishes on the menu as well as firm Egyptian favourites and it’s definitely a place worthy of a return trip.

Helio Lounge is situated in the Trident Bayside building in the Marina.  You can find them on Facebook or on the Web Tel 04 432 9457 or Email :

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