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Harrods Food Hall

When I was in the UK recently I spent a whole morning and part of the afternoon (yes really) taking in the sights of Harrods food hall in London.  If you’ve never been before, there is plenty to see and it’s the sort of place where you can wonder around and take all of the treats around you.

Situated on the ground floor there are a number of different spaces dedicated to all sorts of food from a fantastic patisserie, a whole section dedicated to truffles and fudge, teas, coffees, fine wines, fresh fruit and veg and all sorts of beautiful meat and cheeses etc. Essentially you could do your weeks shopping here – if you were incredibly rich 🙂

Some of the areas are touristy with the usual biscuits and treats etc all packaged in Harrods boxes or London touristy stuff and for this year there was a lot of Jubilee and Olympic stuff too.  This is always a popular area and is situation towards the edge of the shop.  If you have time, and I encourage you to find some, then take a wander throughout the rest of the shop and take some time to explore what’s available.

There is plenty to see and it’s easy to lose a few hours there, if you like cooking then also take a peek into the kitchen shop a few floors up where they have some seriously sexy and useful gadgets.  Oh and some oh so pretty lip shaped handbags which I might just have taken a snap or two of…….

I did buy a few things – some fantastic scones (hazelnut and chocolate), some clotted cream – because I’m a sucker for that – some boozy raspberry jam too – you can guess where this is going – yes and alfresco afternoon tea in Hyde Park.  Also some Baileys fudge, amaretto coffee, some macaroons and a strange drink neuro bliss drink which looked interesting.  I also bought some sports drinks which the lovely friendly guys at customs in the scanning hall at Heathrow confiscated as I had pushed them into my hand luggage as a last minute packing challenge ! Ce’st la vie !

Tucked inside one of the food halls is a little raised cafe where you can take a little rest from your shopping and watch the world go by.  I visited when it wasn’t too busy so got a great view over looking the food hall as well which is great as I love people watching.

I started off with a really nice smooth cappuccino which had some lovely pretty coffee art on it which I love.

For lunch I had a rilette of pork which was served with a shallot marmalade and some french toast.  This was very tasty and when I struggled to eat only half of it, the staff were more than happy to package it up and I later had it for a second lunch in Hyde Park.

My words don’t do justice to some of the treats available, so take a look at the slideshow where I’ve tried to capture some of the magic of the shop.

Enjoy 🙂