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Halakat Al Samak – Simple Succulent Seafood

Yesterdays lunch craving was for a seafood, and I wanted it fast, so remembering that a friend had recommended a place close by in Umm Seqeim I jumped into the car and drove to Al Wasl Road promptly.  Situated next to Eat and Drink and close to Raffles School and Kings this little place is in between Al Wasl Road and the Beach Road.

The seating is all outside with simple tables and chairs, covered by an air conditioned marquee type arrangement.  There are views of the Burj al Arab in the background and simple paper place mats on the table.  I dined at about 2pm mid week and it was quiet, but I’ve driven past in the evenings and it is a popular venue.

The menu is simple, essentially you choose your fish, prawns or crab from the selection of fish from inside the shop (perfectly chilled in ice), choose how you want them cooked, choose a side order and then leave the rest to the chef.  The staff were very knowledgeable on what fish went well with each cooking style and also in terms of guesstimating the weight of the fish.  There are also some set menu choices too.

I ordered a few large prawns which were served in a rich lemon butter sauce, a seabass which was  simply grilled with singary spices with a side order of tomatoes marinaded in dill, olive oil, lemon juice and garlic.  Tasty, simple food.

With a bottle of local water the total bill was 101 /AED * There was more than enough food for two hungry people, but since I dined alone the staff were more than happy to package up the leftovers for me to take home.

  • the price is determined the weight of your fish etc

This is a basic place, in a reasonable location, serving simple seafood dishes which deliver on flavour.  You can find my review and more details of the menu and location on the Zomato website : HERE

If you want to try seabass cooked with singary style then here’s the recipe and simple cooking instructions here