CoffeeCakesAndRunning Ramadan | Iftar for the Construction Guys

Ramadan | Iftar for the Construction Guys

In the interest of keeping it brief and getting this post out to you as soon as possible I’ve copy and pasted the info below from the Facebook Album of Moti Roti’s.

I saw the information a few days ago via twitter and today went to participate in handing out food and water to some 175 guys who are working on the Regent School construction earlier today.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words – I’ll say no more – and share with you some pictures of tonight’s events.

Please support this great cause if you can, the looks on the workers faces said it all – an 8/AED meal made all the difference to their day and brought a smile to so many faces.

From Moti Roti’s Facebook Page :

We’re giving the guys, who are working on the Regent School construction, a meal every night as part of ‘Fill A Blue Belly’ 🙂
Anyone can contribute to as many meals as they like. Each meal is 8Dhs and we aim to feed all 175 guys every night.
This is how you do it:

if you’re ordering from us just ‘Add 8 to Donate‘!

Come to us in Carry Fresh, Tecom between 11.30-2.30pm if you just want to leave a contribution.

Can’t get to us? Inbox us directly if you’d like to do an online transfer

Come to Regent School 30 mins before Iftar to help hand out or just jam with the guys.

Pls share with family/friends who might be interested in filling a blue belly 🙂

Moti Roti’s Facebook page can be found HERE or you can find them on Twitter here

You can also see some more pictures of the event HERE from GeordieArmani’s Facebook Page – Follow her on twitter here and if you do nothing else, please Share her Photos.