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Forrey & Galland

CoffeeCakesAndRunning Forrey & Galland I was recently invited to a Christmas tasting at Forrey & Galland in Dubai Mall.  I’ve often passed the shopfront of Forrey & Galland and been blown away by the fabulous window displays and sweet treats.  But must admit, that so far I’ve never been inside.

Forrey & Galland are a french boutique chocolatier with origins in Paris but now also in Dubai.  Blending french chocolate techniques and flavours and arabic flavours they have an interesting combination of sweet treats to suit most tastes.  The chocolates are made by hand in Ajman ensuring a beautifully fresh product.
The Christmas tasting itself included yours truly sampling a delicious array of Christmas specific products which are available in store.

CoffeeCakesAndRunning Forrey & Galland I started with the traditional Christmas favourites including chocolate Santas in dark, milk and white chocolate, Iced Gingerbread christmas treas and stars and marzipan candy canes.  Following this I moved onto the festive Gingerbread covered chocolates which were great.

Having sampled everything, sometimes twice just to make sure 🙂 my absolute favourite has to be the new product which was literally launched on tasting day, the speculoos Ganache and truffle.  Originally from Belgium, Speculoos is a type of biscuit made from brown sugar and cinnamon and other special ingredients, a secret recipe that has been in existence for centuries and typically surfaces during the Christmas period.    The result is an incredible texture, both creamy and crunchy, and it literally melted in my mouth with a little crackle of the speculoos biscuit – it’s joyful.

Once the Christmas tasting was over I took the opportunity to explore the shop in more detail.  In addition to the stock available in the shop which is never more than a few days old, Forrey & Galland provide a one off service for both individuals and corporate companies, ranging from wedding favours, corporate gifts, store openings, celebrations etc.  There is plenty of variety of products in the store ranging from macaroons in all different flavour combinations, plenty of imaginative arabic treats as well as a great range of truffles, hand made chocolates and another personal favourite the passion fruit filled which chocolate heart which was developed for Valentines day but remains on sale due to it’s popularity.

CoffeeCakesAndRunning Forrey & Galland If you want to sample some Christmas Treats they come in at the following reasonable prices ranging from 35AED for a small chocolate snowman through to 120 AED for a 4 x 4 selection box of pralines, Speculoos chocolates or gingerbread chocolates.

They also do a Large hamper with a selection of the Christmas goodies starting from 550 AED as well as a pyramid of macaroons (hint hint – anyone who knows me – I love macaroons LOL) which comes in at 240 AED for 24 pieces.

Forrey & Galland can be found on the lower ground floor of Dubai Mall (opposite the Organic Shop) or on their website they are also on twitter